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Ar3a recap help needed


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Hi i am starting to restore my ar3a

Looking at part express for caps i found 

150uf cap 100v by dayton


50 uf 100 v by dayton


and got stuck with the 6uf ..

they got only 6.2 or 6.8 both 250 v by dayton 

should i buy the 6.2 ?

Or buy 2 units of 3 =6

or 2 units of 2 + 4 =6 



or any other idea where to find  the 6 

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this store carries about every conceivable value for caps, resistances, inductances from the inexpensive to the millionaire.

Based in Estonia, I've been using for years. Only thing is the mail a tad slow especially in this moment of general confusion.

Have a nice one.



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Advice from Aadams is all good. 3+3, 4+2, or the 6.2 is really close enough. If it were me, 6uF caps are so cheap that even if the 6uF is a Sprague I'd replace it. You can get all the values from erseaudio.com and their prices are low.


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Here is what I have used for inexpensive 6uf caps. Left (blue) are Clarity PX caps, top (black) Erse PlusX caps, left (yellow) Carli mylar caps and my favorite Dayton 3uf polys paralleled to bring them to 6uf.


I have also used much more expensive caps. You can Parallel 2.7uf and 3.3uf Mundorf Supreme, Jansen Superior and Clarity CSA caps. The possibilities  are numerous.

The Parts Express Electrolytic caps will work fine. I have used the big Dayton Poly caps paralleling 100uf and 50 uf caps for the 150uf  and another 50uf and putting them back into the original wax box for the appearance of originality. The Dayton double (parallel) 3uf caps also fit on the original  6uf box.


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On May 19, 2020 at 1:29 PM, Aadams said:

Shavitz.  Forgot to add, if your 3as have Sprague Compulytic caps they are probably good.   "Compulytic" will be printed on the side of the can. 

Regarding the Spragues, I'd still check them. I removed them in a set of 3as I restored several years ago, and surprisingly they were way off. 

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