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  1. tnx adams i will check that !
  2. Hi i am starting to restore my ar3a Looking at part express for caps i found 150uf cap 100v by dayton 50 uf 100 v by dayton and got stuck with the 6uf .. they got only 6.2 or 6.8 both 250 v by dayton should i buy the 6.2 ? Or buy 2 units of 3 =6 or 2 units of 2 + 4 =6 tnx!! or any other idea where to find the 6
  3. tnx guys Chirs what would u like better ? hat would u chose ? i a going to use it with a tube receiver the fisher 500
  4. i was visiting friend few days ago he had that model of Dahlquist PDQ-827 from the 90's i was blown away ! so so good ! wow anyone know them ?
  5. Hi everyone I’m about to purchase my first AR 3a. I never heard them. I know what I started with the Alinco And then switched to ceramic. all the technical differences I’m not relevant for me because I don’t really understand them. what I do would like to know is for your personal opinion which one just sounds better? Also if you can refer me to someone in Los Angeles area for some restorations I might need
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