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  1. To Steve B. Thank You !!! Just incredible post from January 9th. I just saw it. What a compilation of test reports, ads... etc. Can't imagine the amount of time that went into that. I've been going thru the various Test Reports past couple of hours. Bill
  2. Kent, ar_pro, DavidR, RTally; Ok 2 things. 1) I used the black duct seal compound; rolled out some nice strings. Sealing the woofers changed my AR nine radically- so much better. I kept reading about tight bass, mine had sloppy ill defined. I did suspect leakage. Anyone if you suspect air leak from the gaskets; see Kent recommendation, get duct seal-- worked wonders for me. I also did the 8" midrange drivers. I'm just thrilled now. 2) Yes, attempting to remove 1 end of each of those upper midrange, tweeter caps (red and black) to measure is extremely difficult. I gave up. I think have to decide which replacements to use then cut the old ones out. Though now that the seed is planting on the probability they are way out of spec is troubling. My high frequencies are not muted nor rolled off. They sound very flat though even sometimes I reduce the upper mid-range by -3 db. When caps fail they maybe increase resistance, but do they raise of lower in capacitance? Are there changes to the high-pass filtering? If they lower than ok right; I'm not putting lower frequencies into them. Thanks again for all the input and advice here. Bill
  3. Kent, ar_pro; Thanks for the information. I'm going to measure those caps tonight. I have a fluke multi-meter with capacitance measurement. I'll let everyone know hoe the measured. Bill
  4. Hello everyone, I opened my AR9 to check insides, see if original capacitors ..etc. Actually an impressive set of coils and caps inside. Question: My sealing gaskets are rock hard, I'm thinking I have air leak. What are the recommenced sealing gaskets or sealing tape for the 12 inch woofers? I read in the manual that each time you open the woofer the gasket needs to be replaced; does this sound reasonable? Here my pictures. Thanks for your input. Bill
  5. Hello everyone, I wanted to report on two mods I have made to my new to me AR9's ( I have had them 2 weeks now). 1) I added 1/2 closed cell foam around the upper midrange. I definitely hear a difference; with the foam there is more spaciousness and sounds now not coming directly from the speaker cabinets. I have less inclination now to set the upper midrange switch to -3db. The foam I inserted was from Home Depot used for insulating air conditioner wings. I'm not sure that this material the best to use but it works. It's reversible smooth of corrugated. See picture. 2) I removed the "chromed" edges around the woofer grills. I think the speakers just look better now. I am also experimenting with tip toes. Tighter bass and midrange with tip toes. Though can't move and you loose some of that "fat" bass. Has anyone else here made mods as I have and what's your experience with these and others. The AR9's are just fantastic speakers. Bill
  6. I'm a EE guy so speaker wire (given proper gauge) shouldn't make a difference. On the AR9's it does; on mine I am using MIT Magnum speaker cable it seems just right. The 9's definitely benefit from bi-wire. Of the other cable I have tried so far; each is different and what cable is best is only the person who's listening decision. Understand this is a topic of deep beliefs
  7. wsill


    I see my tweeter has a foam ring attached by Velcro. I'm going to search around, see if I can make something for the mid dome, see what the effect may/may not be. These 9's are sensitive to everything, equipment, positioning, cables; I;m enjoying them every night allot. I took the chrome plated surround off on the woofer grills the speakers look much better. If anyone has built or know where to source some dense foam or felt let me know. I'd like to have some of that padding to work with that the Wilson's have on the front.
  8. wsill


    OK I got my AR'9s late last week, listened for 2 days, then had to travel this past week. Back home now. They exceed my expectations. Very tight/deep bass; they are better in this regard than the Wilson Sasha's I had up till 1 year ago. No always present midbass hump. AR9's are very picky about placement, I now have them about 2 to 3" away from back wall, 4 1/2 feet from side wall. Bi-wirring makes quite a noticeable difference. I am using a Levinson #23 AMP. The AR9's take everything that amp can give. The former owner did not use too much and did a great job with new surrounds on the 12" woofers and 8" mid bass. I am using my AR9's with the Upper Midrange switch at -3db. The input connectors are cruddy, but I have not wanted to open up yet. The only work now I am going to do is: 1) Take off the chromed surround on the Woofer Grill frames. Ugly. 2) Replace the Grill cloth all the way around. I have plastic grill cloth frames. Question: I see on the midrange dome there is Velcro but not felt pad insert. Was this an optional piece that some use/used ? Are mine just missing? I believe I need a pad surround on the midrange. Anyone build their own or source from somewhere? So far all is good; I'll have more in the very near future. Thanks all for your comments so far and this wonderful discussion forum. Here are some pictures.
  9. wsill


    Yes the badges are black rectangles that say AR9. Is a date code embedded in the serial number? Going to see them tomorrow in person.
  10. wsill


    Hello everyone. I'm looking at some AR-9's. Could someone give me feedback on these? Such as correct drivers and re-foams? Do I need serial numbers to date them? Thanks, Bill
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