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Found 5 results

  1. >I also recall having read the same detailed information from Stereophile, and I assume its correctness against what appears to be a sort of revisionist article containing conflated timelines, unattributed premises and boot-strapped conclusions. >I've been wishing & hoping for Tom Tyson's definitive AR history for years...would a GoFundMe effort be in vain? —ar_pro Book: The History of Acoustic Research Any and all suggestions and ideas here would be greatly appreciated! Any thoughts about what you would like to see would be great as well. To do a complete history wo
  2. Well Martin was exactly right, the speakers aren't AR 4xa speakers. I have no idea who changed them, but I pulled one and it says "Realistic" on the speaker. How embarrassing. I have no idea how that happened. So now I guess it is time to locate real AR 4 replacement speakers. I'm gonna check the tweeters too! My apology to Martin.
  3. For many years—perhaps from the very beginning—AR had a difficult time selling their products in typical audio salon showrooms. In fact, from 1954 until around 1974, AR made no attempt to cultivate good dealer relationships. Nevertheless, and despite the lack of dealer success, AR outsold nearly every other speaker manufacturer worldwide for many years without a strong, formal dealer network. How was this possible? AR products traditionally had the highest ratings and best reviews, but a prospective speaker buyer would never know it to visit the typical, small hi-fi showroom where on
  4. I have a pair of AR speakers that I bought from a previous owner sometime in the early or mid 1970s and used happily as my main stereo speakers for decades. For the last several years they have been out of service, replaced by a pair of JBL L80T's that I bought more than 15 years ago. About a year ago, I hooked up the ARs for the first time in quite a while and discovered that the tweeter on one of them had blown (or so I thought). I ordered an original replacement from Vintage-AR, but I didn't have a pressing need to use the speakers, so I didn't get around to installing it. Then, a few weeks
  5. I have a pair of AR-4's that I'm going to list on eBay. My troubles are, I don't know the exact model number, I don't know when they were made. The Serial Numbers are... F-16735 and F16954. The manufacturer sticker on the back (where the serial numbers are) lists them as AR-4. I attached a photo of one of the speakers, maybe I missed something. They're awesome and I've never heard a better bookshelf speaker. I hate to sell them but I need the money. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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