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Found 7 results

  1. Shipping is not a concern. No there is no condition requirements. Solid and without traumatic holes I guess everything else will work for me for the most part these are all going to be revenued so as long as there's not any super massive you know trauma which means you don't have to be super careful with white gloves and packaging them and of course I would composite you in the sale price for your time to package and ship now I'll gladly pay you half immediately on whatever we negotiate on and if it takes you to 2 weeks, 6 weeks+ to ship...I'm patient. The balance a payment will be paid whenever you ship them out and include a tracking number. Living in Detroit area so it'd be nice if it was closer to me but again I'll take what I can get. Beat the hell up cabinets are fine even preferred for cost sakes they're all going to be revenued so that's I'm good with just about any condition if you got any other classic era beat up or not up cabinets like that please let me know same goes for ar5 or 4X (6, 7?) looking for cabinets for all thank you very much
  2. >I also recall having read the same detailed information from Stereophile, and I assume its correctness against what appears to be a sort of revisionist article containing conflated timelines, unattributed premises and boot-strapped conclusions. >I've been wishing & hoping for Tom Tyson's definitive AR history for years...would a GoFundMe effort be in vain? —ar_pro Book: The History of Acoustic Research Any and all suggestions and ideas here would be greatly appreciated! Any thoughts about what you would like to see would be great as well. To do a complete history would be difficult, but a history of the "Classic Period," from 1954-1974 (or 1980 perhaps) in one part and the Teledyne/International Jensen/Recoton/Voxx period in another part or in a revised edition. The most important part of AR history is the first 25 years or so. Anyway, please reply with your thoughts and ideas, for example: The best title for such a book? The period covered with this book; part of all? The amount of detail to be included in this book? The size of this book, a small book with 150 pp or so, or comprehensive with perhaps 300 pp? The other questions you might have. There are also many people here on this website with detailed knowledge of specific aspects of AR history and technology. Therefore, give me ideas about how you would like to see such a book. —Tom Tyson 06Jun2017
  3. I've just finished restoring a pair of AR-3a's and I'm interested to know how people find they get the best sound from them. I've read a few comments here and there on the forum but couldn't find a specific thread on the subject. So, how do you find the AR-3a to sound its best? Against the wall or out in the room? Toed in or parallel? Tipped back slightly or level? I know some people say they should really be on their sides but that's not an option for me at the moment due to the space. I have mine on home made stands, tipped back about five degrees. I had been enjoying them toed in, a couple of feet out from the wall but since rebuilding the crossovers, I'm finding that I like them better parallel, back against the wall. It seems to open up the sound stage in every direction for a much more immersive listening experience. What works best for you? Ben
  4. This wonderful Christmas poem was sent to me several years ago by a great AR friend (who reports here frequently): T'was the night before Christmas And all through the room, 3a's were playing, Their bass tight with no boom. As Nat sang "Chestnuts..." He sounded so near, Those dome drivers Were playing so clear. From high notes to low notes It sounded so good The melody came through Just as it should Now Santa loves music, And his gifts are so right, "AR speakers for all And to all, a good night!" Merry Christmas! --Tom Tyson
  5. I know of no other loudspeaker that is more beautiful than the AR-3, that is, in my opinion! I sent this pair to the San Francisco Museum for the Dolby-sponsored "History of Audio" display a few years ago. This pair of early 1960's lacquered-mahogany AR-3 speakers, C 78XX, shows the absolute beauty of the AR-3 cabinet, grill and logo placement. Notice that the logos are properly placed on these speakers and the gold thread in the ivory saran grill material (saran is a Dow Chemical PVDC material very similar to nylon) is evident in this early version. The gold thread was discontinued a few years later. These speakers demonstrate the natural look of lacquered-mahogany cabinets -- a satin luster -- and it is very rare to have a pair survive for over 55 years in this condition, but this pair was always pampered and well-kept in air-condition space and storage. This pair has never had the grills removed, but fortunately, this pair also has strong, clean midrange and treble output, a very desirable thing for an old AR-3! The level controls have oxidized, but occasional rotation back and forth cleans the contact surfaces sufficient to keep good output. Send pictures of your AR-3 installations and give a description of the sound! AR-3 lacquered-mahogany mounted in office bookshelf with AR-3a (oiled-walnut finish) below. Note the satin luster (not a high-gloss luster) of the lacquered-mahogany finish, sort of a piano-lacquer finish. Note, also, the position of the "3" logo, properly placed, though it should technically be one more vertical level to the right, a bit closer to the molding. Gold thread woven into the saran grill material. --Tom Tyson
  6. Frank, any room in your knitting class? I distinctly remember saying I wasn't going to buy anymore speakers this year ... Picked up a set of AR-3a's with lots of issues today. It was almost two years ago to the day that I was reintroduced to the AR family with the AR-5 Formica project which was supposed to take its final form this year but has been waylaid once again. This is the first pair of AR-3a's I've seen in the area in those two years -- I passed on them the first time, but hey, if there is anything that I learned from Frank it is that, life is short -- art is long. So, since I was in the neighborhood I thought I would drive by beautiful Lake Tahoe which has succumbed to California's aerial pollution... Hyatt Regency at Incline Village (center) with South Lake Tahoe obscured by smokey haze. AR-3a set in the 12,000 serial number range -- cabs with water marks but no major damage and random drivers. I can predict there will be a considerable passage of time before this project takes shape. Roger
  7. For many years—perhaps from the very beginning—AR had a difficult time selling their products in typical audio salon showrooms. In fact, from 1954 until around 1974, AR made no attempt to cultivate good dealer relationships. Nevertheless, and despite the lack of dealer success, AR outsold nearly every other speaker manufacturer worldwide for many years without a strong, formal dealer network. How was this possible? AR products traditionally had the highest ratings and best reviews, but a prospective speaker buyer would never know it to visit the typical, small hi-fi showroom where one usually encountered a negative vibe in a showroom when an AR speaker was being demonstrated. Many times, dealers would "doctor" the speaker, reverse the polarity, turn-down the level controls or place the speaker inappropriately or disadvantageously for good A-B demos with competing products. Some dealers felt that customers would enter a store, make a decision to buy an AR product and simply go out and order it from the Allied Radio or Lafayette catalogs. Was it due to.... 1. Low dealer profit margins? 2. Lack of dealer salesman "spiffs" paid by AR? 3. Lack of dealer promotionals? 4. Lack of dealer co-op advertising? 5. AR's lack of "hand-holding" and blasé attitude towards dealers? 6. AR's traditional laissez-faire method of doing business? 7. Other reasons? Give examples of experiences you've had in dealer showrooms where AR speakers were intentionally maligned, "bad-mouthed" or "doctored" in order for a dealer to steer an unsuspecting customer to another product. —Tom Tyson
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