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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone, I wanted to report on two mods I have made to my new to me AR9's ( I have had them 2 weeks now). 1) I added 1/2 closed cell foam around the upper midrange. I definitely hear a difference; with the foam there is more spaciousness and sounds now not coming directly from the speaker cabinets. I have less inclination now to set the upper midrange switch to -3db. The foam I inserted was from Home Depot used for insulating air conditioner wings. I'm not sure that this material the best to use but it works. It's reversible smooth of corrugated. See picture. 2) I removed the "chromed" edges around the woofer grills. I think the speakers just look better now. I am also experimenting with tip toes. Tighter bass and midrange with tip toes. Though can't move and you loose some of that "fat" bass. Has anyone else here made mods as I have and what's your experience with these and others. The AR9's are just fantastic speakers. Bill
  2. Well, I had been warned by many here that my beloved 38 year old AR-9's would eventually need to have their crossovers recapped. I was listening to a quadraphonic SACD on my system (The AR-90's are the front speakers and the AR-9's are the surrounds) when I noticed reduced output from the right rear AR-9. I immediately stopped playing the music and used a white noise test tone on the speaker. The tweeter not only had reduced output but was crackling away. Miraculously, I was pleased to discover upon re-capping that the tweeter DID NOT BLOW. Perhaps these tweeters are very robust, or perhaps the bass-free rear channels of the quadraphonic SACD saved it, or maybe I just dodged a bullet. Anyway, I replaced all of the upper range capacitors. The three smallest capacitors are Dayton PMPC (1%); the 30uF and 40uF caps are Dayton DMPC (5%); the 24uF cap is a Solen (5%) and the 80uF cap was replaced with a Jantzen 82uF (5%). I used Dayton or Janzen wherever possible as I understand that the Solens sound a bit brighter based on what I've read in these pages. I sent the old Callen capacitors, except for one of the 6uF units, to my cousin for measurement. The results are shown in the attached diagram: - One 6uF cap was off by 400%. This is the one that probably had failed and caused the immediate problem with the tweeter. - Both 30uF caps were way off by over 40%. - All the 4uF and 8uF caps still measured very close to their ratings. - The 24uF, 40uF and 80uF caps were in the range of 20% or less than nameplate. Given that both of the the 80uF caps were very close to each other at +15%, I suspect that they have always been that way. It is interesting to note that the AR-9's now sound somewhat clearer the the AR-90's but the 90's sound a tad sweeter. The AR-90's are a bit more forgiving and sound better with crappy source material while the AR-9's are more revealing and sound better with great sounding source material. Regardless, the upper range crossovers of the AR-90's will get redone next month as doing so is inevitable. Much thanks to all of you who provided input on this site regarding recapping these speakers. It was very helpful. AR Surround
  3. I looked at a pair of all original AR9’s for sale. Of course they need refoaming but the main concern is NO SOUND from either high tweeter. (meaning the high tweeter on each speaker is not sounding) The speakers have had 2 mature owners and reportedly have not been abused (and show no signs of it). Is this more likely to be the tweeter itself or the attenuation switch? The switches for the low mids and the mid range dome function properly. This would not be a result of missing jumpers on the back panel speaker wire connections could it. (the jumpers were in place but possibly may not have been making contact- but I’m thinking since the low mid and the mid dome were working that all circuits were getting a signal) I was unable to do any diagnostics at the sellers house and an agreed price could not be settled on so I passed on them. Looks like used tweeters run about 100.00 each give or take. Did not find any used attenuation switches for sale. I would rate cabinet (1 chip) and grill (some light pilling) condition a 7 or 8 out of 10. Opinions on likely culprit? What is a fair price to pay for these in this state? Thanks!
  4. You drive them for $900 ... photos are not very good though. On the auction site: 131805370816 Roger
  5. Hi folks, Under the Library -> Acoustic Research -> "AR-9 Series (1978 - 1981)" there is an "AR-9 Series Manuals" link, and under that link there is a "AR-9 Manual" link. The manual is provided as 52 separate links to what appear to be scanned images of the pages. Is there any way to get a PDF of the entire manual as has been provided for other speakers in the library? Many thanks,
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