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Found 5 results

  1. >I also recall having read the same detailed information from Stereophile, and I assume its correctness against what appears to be a sort of revisionist article containing conflated timelines, unattributed premises and boot-strapped conclusions. >I've been wishing & hoping for Tom Tyson's definitive AR history for years...would a GoFundMe effort be in vain? —ar_pro Book: The History of Acoustic Research Any and all suggestions and ideas here would be greatly appreciated! Any thoughts about what you would like to see would be great as well. To do a complete history would be difficult, but a history of the "Classic Period," from 1954-1974 (or 1980 perhaps) in one part and the Teledyne/International Jensen/Recoton/Voxx period in another part or in a revised edition. The most important part of AR history is the first 25 years or so. Anyway, please reply with your thoughts and ideas, for example: The best title for such a book? The period covered with this book; part of all? The amount of detail to be included in this book? The size of this book, a small book with 150 pp or so, or comprehensive with perhaps 300 pp? The other questions you might have. There are also many people here on this website with detailed knowledge of specific aspects of AR history and technology. Therefore, give me ideas about how you would like to see such a book. —Tom Tyson 06Jun2017
  2. I’ve never seen this mentioned here on any forum. This is for anyone looking for a good quality stereo pre-amp. While seeking a substitute for an ailing preamp recently, I accidentally stumbled upon an inexpensive source for quality preamps. It turns out many not very old, high end, but obsolescent HT receivers have fabulous stereo preamp sections hidden inside. Just make sure the unit has pre outs for the front speakers and a bypass or direct mode to exclude the HT processor from the signal path. They can be had surprisingly cheap. They are heavy and shipping cost can be high but the purchase price can be surprisingly low for a correctly functioning unit. This includes high end models from pro logic days. JIC I am not the last one to know this. Adams
  3. Hi all. I have AR2x speakers. Will a Marantz receiver with only 15 WPC take away anything from the sound quality of my Ar2Xs? Currently I have a Sherwood with 40 WPC, and they sound good, but I like the small size of the Marantz and may buy it. Thanks! Sean
  4. Hi all. I have a pair of AR 2 speakers that are in great shape but don't sound amazing. They are from about 1966. I turn the Mid and High dials on the back of the speakers but it makes no difference. I love th look of them - I just wish I could get them to sound better (No highs). I imagine that they need some TLC but I don't what to invest a lot of $ into them. Any ideas? Sean
  5. I thought I would reach out to this great community before I place these on the dreaded ebay. I have these that I don't need. wondering what's a fair price to an owner of AR's looking to complete the package.
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