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AR9 woofer or not?


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I've been emailing with a CL seller on a pair of AR9's and I keep telling him he needs to send me photos of all the drivers before I commit to a long drive. I got one picture of one of the woofers. The surround looks nice and wide BUT the cone does not look right to me.

Any ideas on the originality of this woofer being an authentic and original AR woofer?20170317_081929_zpst5bqzlae.jpg

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The seller just emailed me and said the cone is original. I agree with you guys that it is not. I've repeatedly asked for pics of all the drivers. He has not complied so I think I'm going to pass - its a long drive.

His last email:

" I think you should take the trip. Touch them, hear them and decide.

This is a situation where you need to come on faith. You'll be happy with them. I'm in no hurry to sell them so absolutely no pressure tactics on my end.
Please let me know what you want to do. Oh, the cones are original. Besides most people would have them reconditioned anyway because of the age. "
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It is wise that you are asking for more convincing documentation, and I'd agree with all comments thus far. The flat-sided basket frame certainly looks about right, but I'd want to see all four woofers and maybe even one image from the backside to confirm the magnet and part number label. Re-foam looks pretty good, but ribbed cone? Sounds a little bit fishy.

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Full agreement; an AR-9 type woofer with a ridged cone is news to me. And perhaps it's the angle, but does the roll on the surround appear to be larger than usual?

The seller needs to supply some decent photos of the drivers - it would take two minutes, so what's his problem?

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It possibly could be an older 'alnico' woofer with its center 'diffuser' removed.

I've seen this before where even the cloth suspension is ripped out along with the center diffuser as this one could have been modified.

Only other possibility could be a new cone was installed along with a new voice-coil.


P.S. sometimes it's better to wait and pass something by in hopes of another chance at another time, then again that moment may never come.

Case in point last week I scored a tone arm that I wanted since I first saw one in 1977. They have always been 'crazy-money' and beyond my reach at the time so, eventually I had to forget such desires until, I found one listed a moment before I opened the sale site's page. Bam, there it was and for a ridiculously low price along with the T.T. it was originally installed on. Back then, some T.T.s were sold with-out an arm so one could install almost any other arm they chose. I quickly contacted the seller. 

I called him and briefly spoke enough for me to realize this fella didn't know what he had up for sale as he sounded twenty something, probably born after this equipment was made. I mean the table typically goes for around $300 to $500.+ depending on condition. The arm I have never seen for less than $1,500.+ and generally it goes for more $$'s. On another sale site I just saw a DV505 go for $2,000.   This arm is extremely rare and I do mean extremely rare!  In person, this arm is simply stunning to look at in all of its high technical beauty. One could even wonder if or how it works, plus the whole arm and base weigh in at almost 3lbs. without a cartridge. That's heavy for an arm.

Well, I took the chance and I jumped on it.  It arrived a week later as I worried everyday prior to its arrival that perhaps I made a mistake. I had a similar situation when I bought my AR-9's two years ago. After I lugged those big brutes home in a pick-up truck and both wrapped in moving blankets looking every bit as if I had two bodies in the truck's bed. I found out as soon as I put cables to them that the tweeters were burnt out. Luckily, the seller was willing to discount them $200., the cost at $100. for each tweeter. I ended up paying $500. for the pair plus two tweeters which I already had on hand and I assure you, I make it a point of not paying the usual going rate. It's how I roll.

After a thorough and exacting cleaning, it turns out the table is a 8.5 to 8.9 and the arm is almost mint though it did require much delicate and eye-straining cleaning.

The arm is waiting for two sub counter weights that I've ordered from Japan (after much searching) as there are still parts available, remarkably so, for another $90.

 The later iteration of this fine arm the, Dynavector DV507Mk.II is still available here and goes for $5,450.

I was fortunate as the arm and table came with all of the original paper work and arm's original protractor, and additionally a 'DB Systems' protractor, brochures, manuals and DIN cable.

I'm very pleased!

So, you see, sometimes things one would've normally doubted can become a reality, a sweet reality.

Here's a foto.



CIMG1965 copy.JPG

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The other visible drivers certainly look like original models. Even the cone on the lower midrange has turned that nice shade of brown that they do.

Aside from cabinet & crossover condition, if the drivers behind the grille on the other speaker look like these - and assuming they all work properly - then it comes down to the authenticity & condition of the woofers. If all four were re-coned as seen in your first photo, it could start to become pricey. Working, re-foamed AR-9 woofers usually sell for about $100/each, sometimes less in pairs.

But just going on the 2nd photo, these actually look pretty good.

Decisions, decisions, eh? ^_^

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Well his unwillingness to send more pictures is concerning. Keep in mind this is a Craig's Listing. I don't need to drive hundreds of miles and encounter who knows what. However, I'm always packing these days. B)

He insists these are original cones.

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This morning I went to the CL listing for these AR9's and did a Google Reverse Image Search on the one picture (picture posted just above Frank's post)

This is what I got: http://www.hifi-studio.de/hifi-klassiker/Acoustic-Research/Acoustic-Research_AR9/AR9.htm

Not even his speakers. VERY SUSPICIOUS  - BEWARE

Here's the ad from CL (Marlboro, NY): https://hudsonvalley.craigslist.org/ele/5989761444.html

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Holy stromboli, I saw 'Marlboro' and I was ready to jump in the pick-up and rush there immediately.

But then, the slap in the face set in when I realized it was Marlboro NY, when I incorrectly thought Marlboro NJ.

The immediate sub-thought was what the heck would I do with another set of 9's as I reached for my wallet and keys?

The quickly fading-thought was I'd put four in one room and buy another 100 feet of 12AWG cable with spades real quick.

Alas, today was planned as a vinyl cleaning day so there I'll go and sit and wash records in a procedure that isn't all that different than washing dishes.

The closing thought was; must I live a life of such concern about wooden cabinets with speakers in them?

No, it's about the music. It's like guys who collect great old cars, some of them are into the mechanics, while others are into enjoying the old thing and relishing the pride of ownership. Some where in between is the confusion-zone where one isn't really sure what they're into.

I need a break, let me go stare at the new/used strange looking tone arm while I wait for the parts before I can do anything with it. Then, I'll mosey on closer to the 

ultrasonic vat and run another 40 disks followed by a listening session.

Seemingly, Hi-Fi has become a condition more than a hobby.

That reminds, where's my copy of? 

To see "what condition my condition was in" by a new guy who decided to switch to an entirely different type of music. I was 18 and this song opened a whole new type of deep thought way back then.  This song was almost considered 'trippy' in that year.

Is it dear AR speaker or dear Abby?



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"Simply Speakers" once offered "AR9 replacement advanced woofers, with rubber surrounds"-not OEM equipment.  Those surrounds sure look like  "a fat rubbery surround " to me. I have a pair of 9's that I bought new in 1980.  I sincerely doubt that the measurement specs. would be very good with rubber surrounds.

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On 17/3/2017 at 11:08 PM, ar_pro said:

 And perhaps it's the angle, but does the roll on the surround appear to be larger than usual?

The masonite ring seems to abscent as well, but who knows what speaker is pictured here? The floor is also different from picture in the CL ad.

BRgds Klaus

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Not sending photo's would be a no go for me.

DavidR's findings makes it look that this is a bogus seller.

Here in The Netherlands we have sellers that pretend to live on the far side of the Country hoping you ask for shipping. You then transfer the money but never receive the goods.

I rather driver 2Hrs for nothing then to loose more then € 100,00

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So yesterday I emailed the seller and told him about his picture deception. Below is his response. Funny.

" No not deceptive at all. Yes I did grab a picture off the Internet but certainly not to be deception as you're  falsely accusing me of. I do have these speakers and I will be posting actual pictures very soon but will not be selling to you directly. You are very rude and disrespectful. Please do not contact me again.

Again thanks for your interest. "
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