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Finishing up some 802w speakers this week!


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My father-in-law found some nice 802w (wooden) speakers curbside and gave them to me to restore.

Ordered the foam kit and just finished up one finally after months of them sitting and sitting..

I found the correct active EQ on ebay too.

Has anyone ever heard them inside for home use?

I have a feeling they may not sound very good unless a serious amount of power are pumped through them..

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Welcome Bassment!

I know nothing about Bose but you piqued my interest. Looks like the 802 is essentially the "professional" version of the 901. You can't beat the price you got them for, even factoring in the 20 new foam surrounds.

IMHO the "w" is much nicer looking for home use and I suspect they will sound good. Many people love the 901s.

Good luck with them!


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I don't think I've heard any of the 802 models. I have had several pairs of 901's since 1976 (series II and VI). The acoustic series are much better than the ported ones - that's why I went back to the acoustic version. I will also say having the EQ rebuilt with quality caps will definitely give better SQ. My 901_II are pretty much rears for HT use but I do enjoy listening to them for 2-channel listening from time to time. The more power the better but as with any speaker, the better the equipment the better the sound.

Good Luck

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