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  1. bassment142

    ADS L1590

    batchman, do you play bass by any chance? I think you dont have enough power for the 1590s to "break things" and move air the same way you can get your 980s movin.?
  2. Wow, either we have different ears or got different speakers. I thought the Maestros were useless. They sounded really harsh and for their size, the bass just wasnt there. Legacy Advents sounded much better and they dont have that strange mid.
  3. Holy cow, is this the worst pair anyone has found so far? I'd part out the woofers and throw the rest in a dumpster.
  4. bassment142

    ADS L1590

    Are we to believe Tom Tyson of "All-America Acoustic Research" would ever admit a speaker made by the Germans (basically) is superior? I don't blame him though. ADS (Braun) certainly stole the technology of sealed cabinets and dome drivers.
  5. Well, I got rid of them fast. Lacking in bass for their size, not nice to look at, somewhat brash highs.
  6. I currently have some freshly re-foamed Smaller Advents and New Large Advents hooked up to the same receiver. I'm not really qualified to compare them, but one thing that I noticed straight away was that the NLA's had some real high end sizzle that was very much more tamed on the SA's. Am I correct? From what I can tell, the NLA are going to be better for Home theater sound effects, where the SA are better for easy listening.
  7. Just wondering if anyone actually does have their big honkin 55lb ARs smushed between an old Copy of Moby Dick and a model ship. Any pictures? Are we talking about "built in" shelves that would be on either side of a fireplace in an old craftsman home? I doubt any common built it yourself bookshelf you could buy today would be strong enough to hold them.
  8. Hey there, Just scored some nice Maestros for $20 and was wondering if anyone here has anything to add about them. How do they compare to original/new/smaller/legacy advents? Was the bubble midrange a needed driver, or is it unnecessary? Do these have real nice deep low bass like other advents? Thanks!
  9. The L980's have a 12" woofer, the 1590s have 10" woofers. Please don't crush my dreams.. I have AR-3a speakers and was hoping to score some L980s at some point, but if the AR-3a's destroy them in the bass area.. well.. that just stinks! haha
  10. Thanks! I found a pair of CR75 locally and bought them. They sound great, but I actually went back to using my smaller advents instead for their wonderul bass response.. even though they look like they belong in a wood paneled 1982 green shag carpet raised ranch... They are such a handy speaker, I am always going to hang on to them because you never know when or where you might need some nice little speakers. My kids are toddlers now, but soon they will have a nice setup in their rooms.
  11. I heard my friend's CR7's and they sounded absolutly stunning considering their size. I accuesed him of having a subwoofer. Now there are some newer versions such as the CR75 etc. Upon trying to do research I have gotten quite confused. From what I gather.. First was the CR4 CR5 CR6 CR7 then came CR55, 65, 75 85, 95 (tower) and then CR57 67 77?? Agh! I give up! All I want to know is which of these models go down to around 50hz like the CR7s. If anyone has anything they can attach I would be thankful. Thank you
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