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Historic AR-1


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Hi Steven,

Welcome to the forum.

I too use to read your fathers reviews. I remember back in high school (in the late 60's...yikes!) going to the library during study period so I could read the Stereo Review magazine. It was so neat to see all the new equipment coming out and your fathers reviews about it.

I subscribed to Stereo Review for many many years. Always looked forward the the new edition and the reviews.

Again welcome and it's great to have you here.


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Technical Talk was usually the first thing that I'd look for in Stereo Review, and Julian Hirsch had such a comfortable writing style; it was always a pleasure to read his columns and product reviews.

You could certainly tell that he enjoyed his work; and that he had a special fondness for Acoustic Research equipment.

His reviews were directly responsible for my purchase of the AR turntable, amplifier, and AR-2ax speakers! ^_^

I'd put the AR-1 and JansZen Z130 up against pretty much any comparably-sized opponent loudspeaker; they were a synergistic combination.

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Speaking of JansZen, I found a Model 65 tweeter (made by "Neshaminy") and a Model 1-30 made by JansZen in Cambridge. Not sure what the operating status is. Due to the high-voltage power supply, I'm going to disassemble them for a look-see before I even think about applying power.

Any suggestions for bringing these up? Do they need to be reformed progressively like old filter caps?

Update: I just noticed that all the photos on line for the Model 1-30 show a multi-faceted case similar to the Model 65. Mine is a "bar" style rectangular case with a flat front.

Also found a pair of Microacoustic "Microstatic" passive tweeter arrays that I believe were marketed for use with the Advent loudspeaker.

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I don't know much about these various Janszen models, but the pic attached and these two threads (with mention of Neshaminy) might be of interest.



attachicon.gifjanszen 1-30 array.jpg

The unit I found (only a single) looks like the bottom picture in the first link.

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A belated welcome Steven

Like others here I read your father's equipment reviews with great interest when I first got into this hi-fi stuff. I saved every issue of SR for about 20 years but eventually recycled them. Wish I still had them.

JansZen is still in business http://www.janszenloudspeaker.com/

The original, Arthur Janszen, was involved with the design of the KLH Model Eight radio and his first electrostatic speaker was sold as the KLH Model Nine. Interesting reading here: http://www.janszenloudspeaker.com/company.htm

The 1-30 electrostatic tweeter was made under the JansZen name in Cambridge and was a perfect companion to the AR-1. He later licensed manufacture to Neshaminy. The speakers were still called JansZen but they were manufactured by Neshaminy.

Ironically, I had a pair of Neshaminy JansZen speakers for a while that had plain ol' phenolic ring tweeters (J-Z 800).

The Microstatic tweeter array was probably a rip-off of the JansZen electrostatic (but still an excellent product). It was the same shape as the 1-30 but smaller and it had conventional Peerless tweeters. The MicroStatics have been discussed here and I still use a pair with my AR-3s. Here's a thread with some links http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?showtopic=8325

Glad to have you here.


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