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Noob, w/Advent Loudspeaker questions


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Just scored what appear to be The Advent Loudspeaker (according to the label on the Xo plate).

Is there a nice XO MOD for these? I tried to access the "baselaudio_la_xo" link with no success.

These have the masonite woofer (need surrounds) & screen covered tweeter. AND the squared-off front bezels, not the rounded bezel.

Please, for the sake of sanity and my vision, could someone provide input or links to any XO improvement mods? 

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No mods needed. Unless you want to add Baffle Step Correction (BSC), but that is an advanced mod. 

All you need to do is recap the crossover. I recapped all of my Advents with the same value capacitors as is already installed. I use Dayton poly film. Use the same cap value.  Wire caps in parallel (values add when in parallel) if you cannot find the same value as the original. The voltage rating can be higher than original. I generally re-use the original inductors and resistors unless there are signs of damage.

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What you have is what we call OLA (Original Large Advent) though Advent never used this name. For a more detailed discussion about your crossover look at this thread.


RTally is right about no mods are really needed. Identify which revision your crossover is and go from there.

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