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  1. If ANY Advent is lacking in bass, there IS something wrong with the woofers, themselves, or there are leaks in the cabinet, period. In fact, air leaks in any acoustic suspension speaker will completely ruin the entire frequency response. Doug
  2. This thread is yet another reminder that, if you buy old speakers, you MUST be sure they have been restored to new condition before passing judgment. You can't buy a 30 - 40 year old pair of speakers and assume they are in listenable condition, no matter what a seller might claim. Things deteriorate with age. Doug
  3. If the two 8uF caps are connected together, each end to each end (in parallel), that equals 16uF so either Advent did that or whoever did work on them later, most likely the latter. The only real reason to get another Masonite woofer and another "cageless" tweeter is for originality and so the two speakers are the same. Soundwise, it won't matter. That being said, it would bug me they aren't the same. In fact, it bugged me on one of my pairs that, when they were refoamed, in the past, whoever did it put different diameters of dust caps on the woofers so I had to match them up. It still b
  4. The tweeters originally had virtually no protection from being pushed in. In the first attempt to alleviate the field issues, Advent placed a window screen type grille directly into the tweeter opening in the Masonite grille frame. Then, they mounted an extra block with Velcro right under the tweeter to keep the grille, itself, from being pushed in. Finally, they put the cage type grille right on the Masonite frame of the tweeter. This proved to be effective although Advents still show up with the cage type grille pushed into the tweeter dome. This all happened in a relatively short perio
  5. Hi Patrick, Those are early Advents with those serial numbers and before Advent standardized the "A" suffix. They would have come with Masonite woofers and tweeters like the one on the left speaker, without and grille/cage on the front. The left tweeter and right woofer are probably original and the left woofer and right tweeter, replacements. As to what to do with them, if you want to be absolutely original, you would want to get a tweeter without the grille for the right speaker and Masonite woofer for the left speaker. Soundwise, it doesn't matter as the drivers were always made t
  6. Doug G.

    First Large Advents

    As I stated on AK, the only discrepancy is the serial numbers and driver dates. The drivers are definitely later ones as the tweeters have the black tape only going part way across the Masonite and the stamped dates, of course. Earlier (pre 1975) ones have the tape going all the way across. So either somebody stuck newer drivers in older cabinets or the paperwork was missing and they found older examples to stick on there. Who knows? Also, as I said, the tweeter cone colors make no difference as long as the magnets are the same size. Another thing I just noticed - the glue hold
  7. They look well-made and have gotten great customer reviews on Amazon. Doug
  8. Yeah, beautiful! And, you're not alone. I am re-restoring (I originally did it in the mid seventies) an old Hallicafters shortwave radio my late father-in-law had and I got when he passed away in 2015. Even though it needs several parts replaced, particularly the old paper capacitors (it's from the nineteen fifties), and needs to be realigned. I restored the appearance first. Doug
  9. If they are Advents with the metal plate for the crossovers, the caps are most likely 16uF. Those are very early units. Some research shows Advent may have originally used the `16uF/8uF combination in some of the early ones but it is unclear. Regardless, there were only 16uF and 8uF caps used in the original Advents so you would be safe buying some of each. It's not like they are expensive. Doug
  10. Just for reference, it should not be all black when you get inside. Doug
  11. In my post above, I indicated that the gray plastic trim pieces will always be gray. However, with age, they can discolor on the front edges and appear yellowish. This has happened to a couple of mine. I imagine sanding that edge may restore them but I haven't tried it yet. Doug
  12. After Advent started putting tweeters with the large magnet in the Smaller Advent, they may have been trying to zero in on the perfect values of capacitors and 1975 is when they made the magnet size change. It's kind of like when they were settling on the values for the original Advents. In any event, the 3 ohm resistor indicates the tweeters will have the large magnet. It was needed to tone down the tweeter a bit to match the woofer efficiency. The original Smaller Advent did that with the smaller magnet and only needed the 1 ohm resistor. Doug
  13. The New Advent and Advent/1, however, use the same woofer. The difference is the cabinet size. Also, the Masonite woofer and all-metal woofer would not be considered identical since the Masonite woofer has a bit longer excursion (Pete B. has measured them) but, in all practicality, they are the same. Same cone. Doug
  14. And sometimes, an Advent employee used a black marker but it means the same thing - positive connection. Doug
  15. Yes, the optical illusion is common with the Masonite woofers where they look like the rolls are poking out when they are not. There are subtle clues to tell. Doug
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