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Many Thanks to Roy Champagne


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Same with me, years a go with my AR-3a.

With completely destroyed crossover to almost irreversible stage, RoyC provided me all the coils, pots and caps and other parts to rebuild the crossover.

I regret to this day that I did not open a new topic with details of the rebuild. 

I apologize for my negligence Roy.

Since in that time there was no way to pay for the parts (third world country) Roy provided the parts free of charge! This noble act for preserving the AR heritage made me a collector and restorer of AR speakers. I am now on fifth pair, all with original parts (except for AR-3a tweeters which are from AR-11).

Forever grateful.

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I am new member to this site and eternally grateful to have purchased at auction a pair of AR3's and finding the exact, right person to restore them to the glorious sound they're known for: Roy Champange, aka Roy C.

WOW! Got them home last night and connected them to Thorens TT, Soundsmith cart, and rotated through three sets of tube amplification: McIntosh MC 225 (with Budgie pre-amp), a Fisher 400 with built-in preamp, and a tube Bogen 35... LOVE that deep, low end and punchy mid-range which disclosed sounds and imaging I've not heard previously in several favorite recordings.



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Next up for Mr. Champange, aka Roy C -

A recently acquired pair of AR-2ax speakers, which I would not have purchased if I had not known about "Roy C" 

Can't wait to get them under his care!


Alex Miller



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After a full rebuild treatment by Acoustic Research speaker specialist Roy Champange (ROY C) and previously having a pair of AR3's which Roy C rebuilt, I say THANK YOU!  I'm visiting my nearest analog audio shop tomorrow (HiOnFi.com) where this pair will soon find it's new home-for-sale. (along with a reconditioned Bogen AP30 amp (1964) with its original BOGEN-branded power tubes, The Fisher 400 receiver, Thorens TD-124 and Thorens TD-135 turntables, TEAC 2340 4 track reel-to-reel, and other goodies to find them new caretakers!)   Thank you, Roy C!


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