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  1. For AR3a and AR11. I don't look for disco decibels. I only want to drive them properly. Something to move that fantastic but lazy compression bass driver.
  2. I've asked this q on audiokarma, but there are no users it seems that used this amp in combination with our beloved AR's. How's the sound? Neutral? Warm? Cold? Will this amp be powerful enough for driving AR speakers? Is the phono section good enough (at least in a class of NAD 3020 phono section)? The price is really good, the condition is mint, like new.
  3. I was not sure if it was correct to start a new thread about a single documents, so that's why I am posting here. Several days a go oh HFE, a nice resolution scan of AR3a technical data was posted here: http://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/acoustic-research/ar-3.shtml So I am taking the liberty of reposting here. I hope that's ok? I believe the info in this pdf is nothing new except for the higher quality scan. hfe_acoustic_research_ar-3a_tech_data_en.pdf
  4. I am still working on those AR3a's, about which I plan to make a thread when done finally (it took very long time and a lot of help by RoyC) but about the cabinets, being in the same situation as you, I can only tell you that it's almost impossible to revert them in unfinished pine and look good as they should. The condition, when I bought them, as you can see was about the same as in your case (awful): So I decided to revert them back to original unfinished pine: You can't see it from the pictures but there were too many spots/stains that could not be sanded nicely... so therefore I tried to finish them again: So, as you can see there's no other way in this case but to re-stain them better or to re-veneer them.
  5. Thanx guys for your comments! I don't know what kind of stuff is that. It reminds me of some kind of artificial carpet. It appears porous but it's not. This guy is known as very penchant with great attention to details. He even called me the other day to ask me if I am satisfied with the speakers. When I get those AR-3a's and if they need something to be replaced/refreshed on them, I know that they will be in safe hands now.
  6. Because of holidays, this thread looks a bit like a monologue. The AR-6's are finished. Wife changed her mind about black grills so now we have this pair of wenge (actually they look more like a rosewood to me) with white grills. And to confirm again, there's no braking sound anymore. I love them!
  7. I just want to report that AR-6 woofers were professionally repaired and there's no braking sound anymore. The problem, the tech said, was with the spider suspension... (someone calls it ballerina?). It was sank inside and not straight (horizontally leveled). He had also done a complete leveling of the cone. It seems this had to be done because of the age and condition of this woofers. They sound amazing as previously just without a breaking sound. Some pics, you can see that he inserted some black material between the foam and the metal basket and the spider is now straight:
  8. Has anyone used this product: Pronto Olio Restauratore -> http://www.scjohnson.it/nqcontent.cfm?a_id=4411 (for italian and some other european countries ) Pledge Scratch and Colour Restorer -> http://www.scjohnson.co.uk/nqcontent.cfm?a_id=6169 (same product I guess - for UK) It's available in two colours - light and dark. It does a marvelous job! It's a bit on the expensive side... 4 euros for 100ml bottle but I am really satisfied with the result. The sandpaper scratches that were visible after staining, were removed and covered with this oil. It also gave a nice smooth finish. It's a nice alternative when danish oil is not available.
  9. I just want to report the progress shortly. This is after two coats of stain. Next steps will be gentle sanding and then two more coats of oil. The WAF is now fulfilled. Tomorrow I am taking the woofers for inspection.
  10. Thank you guys for your responses. I don't have this NAD 3300PE in my possession, but it is a possible amp for the AR3a that I plan to get in monday. They are with alnico woofers but with foam surrounds. That's why I asked you if this a nice option: Should I get those AR3a's with alnico woofers or should I look for a pair with ceramic woofers? So if you think that those AR3a's with alnico's are recommended, then I will get them and then, this NAD is a possible amp for them, since I like NAD's house sound. This amp goes as low as 2Ohms. I don't know the power at 2Ohms, but it's power at 4Ohm is 72wpc. Can this amount of power release the potential of AR3a? Yes, no matter how loud I listen to those 18s with 6 woofers, the problem simply does not occur. I will recheck the sealing of 6's when I finish the repairs of the cabs.
  11. Can someone provide some help about the two comments/questions above?
  12. Hi everyone, I just want to report something very interesting. I've installed the AR-6 woofers in AR18s cabinets. It's crazy what kind of difference there is in the sound... it's almost unbelievable... for my ears the sound improved dramatically. And the bass... oh that bass, it's soooo deep and low, it goes shockingly low. I think it's the same as in the AR-6 cabinets. It's floor shaking believe me and that's crazy considering how small those 18s cabinets are. I say that those 8" LF drivers from AR-6 are pure gold. Who knows why they used them only in AR-6. But, the most important thing is that in 18s cabinets the woofers are NOT making the ugly braking sound no matter how loud I play them and that confused me. Mystery...
  13. While waiting for the weekend to continue with the restoration of AR-6, I've been doing some research for local offerings for AR3a. There's a nice looking pair of AR3a, with alnico woofers (but with foam surrounds, not cloth), and the seller is giving a pair of mids and highs from AR11 as a backup spare (or, as he says - to swap them whenever you feel like listening to a more open sound). I was not aware that they are so easily compatible. Maybe I should have opened a new thread, but I really don't like to hog the forum with another AR3a thread, since for now I need help with only 2 questions: 1. Are alnico woofers better or worse than later (ceramic?) woofers? 2. Is NAD 3300 PE good/powerful enough for them? NAD 3300's power section info: Thanx!
  14. I did not even thought to try anything myself. There is a good speaker technician and I've heard that he is actually specialized for Tannoy speakers, but a lot of people are trusting him with their AR's and nothing but good words I have heard about him. I hope that... there is hope. I really like their mellow soft sound.
  15. Thanx Roy, can you suggest any possible solution for solving the problem with the woofers?
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