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Baby II crossover


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Hello Advent people,

I  am waiting on a delivery of two Baby Advent II's, but doing a little research on them I found conflicting info about the XO's. Please refer to the pictures

one has one inductor and one has two inductors, so which is it ??  the only diagram I found online was a hand drawn schematic which shows one .5mH





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Generally, I find the best source of crossover information is what is installed in the speaker. Manufacturers often make changes during production. And not all the changes are documented. Sometimes the part changes are due to component availability. Sometimes it is a design change.

I suggest waiting until you have the speakers in-hand and then inspecting them to see what is installed. 

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Looks like all you need is a 3uF cap. There's a schematic here and also mention of the 2-inductor version: https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/baby-advent-ii-crossover-network-improvements.878031/

This thread, identifying all Advent speakers, is very good: https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/identifying-your-advent-loudspeakers.126376/

There were 3 iterations of the Baby: Original, II and III so that may account for the differences in the xo. Maybe 4 versions if you include the Jensen Advent 1002.


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Thanks Kent, I looked on Audiokarma but did not see that post, So I will wait patiently for my speakers to arrive.

I will change out the spring connectors for some binding posts and replace the crossover components for solens.

I think these will look good with the CB-10s.


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Hello all:

I received my baby Advents on Friday and I am pleasantly surprised  by the near mint condition of these speakers , people really do baby their baby's.

Replaced resistors and capacitors on  the crossover boards then swapped the boards to the new binding posts,  simple swap and the holes all lined up

on the new cups,  nice. I am amazed at the BASS these little speakers put out . As others have stated in other baby Advent posts the corners of the tweeters

always break off as mine did as soon as I removed one (the other was cracked but did not break off)  Simply Speakers has this tweeter in stock so I might order a pair.

pic. with the green cap is the old XO and spring posts,  pic. with the Dayton cap is new resistor + cap.+ binding posts.









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