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  1. Hello mhardy, Lots of pictures on the net show phenolic ring tweeters in the AR4x if this is the correct tweeter you can get them on epay, parts express ,simply speakers, etc, for around 25$ per. I hope to own a pair of AR4's some day... Parts Express has then on sale right now 19.99$ Lonny
  2. Hello All: I am building a sub for a friend, I have a peavey ips 150 amp and two 4 ohm 12" subs to work with. I want to run the amp bridged (has to be into 8 ohms) so Series wiring the subs ,I have two subwoofer low pass filters but I don't know how best to hook them up . Can I use one lpf at the input or do I need one per sub??? please help me understand this.. Lonny
  3. CYNR

    Advent 3002

    Looking good ,How are the cabs?? As I mentioned earlier one pic I saw had a 4mf and a 1mf cap parallel from the factory, maybe they ran out of 5's that day?? Lonny
  4. CYNR

    Advent 3002

    No problem, I love my Baby Advent II's after a crossover tune up. pictures of your crossovers??? Good luck
  5. CYNR

    Advent 3002

    Hello Bassplayer: It looks like a32 mf and a 5 mf cap + a 3ohm resistor , one pic showed a 4+1 mf cap parallel and another pic showed a 5 mf single cap. There are also two inductors one iron core one air core . Crossover = 2800 hz. Hope this helps Lonny
  6. Those are the happiest speakers I have ever seen. Lonny
  7. Well I can call this project done. Grills and name plates done. Thanks for all the help along the way, I learned a lot being here.. Lonny
  8. Hello Good People; Well I had another deal for said tweeters (model 23 or equivalent) fall apart, so I will ask here, do any of you fine people out there/in here have a working set for sale. let me know.. Lonny Thanks
  9. i got my crossovers finished and switches installed but still looking for Model 23 (or equal) tweeters to finish off this build. Lonny
  10. Happy whatever you all celebrate, I am glad I found this site, the information here is invaluable Thanks to all that helped me through my stuff.. Lonny
  11. Thanks dxho, I am aware of these other tweeters I could use, when I say I'm looking for model 23 tweeters I am looking at all options just none have come up for sale yet ,That is why I went with a phenolic tweeter until I find the correct tweeters, I am still waiting on my crossover parts to build the 23 crossovers..... https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/klh-model-23-dimensions.939140/page-2 Lonny
  12. Hello All, I carried this thread over to AudioKarma https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/klh-model-23-dimensions.939140/ But am still in search of Model 23 tweeters to finish this build.. Lonny
  13. CYNR


    Hey Tommycat, The Five, Twelve and Twenty Three use the same tweeter . I am also looking for a pair ,there was some on Epay a while ago and I was negotiating for a pair locally but that deal fell through so I bought a pair of phenolic tweeters to fill the hole until I find the right ones for my "23" replica build seen here.. Good Luck... https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/klh-model-23-dimensions.939140/ Lonny
  14. CYNR

    KLH 10" vs 10.75"

    Hey guys, I know mine came out of a model 5 and were listed as 12" but after receiving them they measure 10.75" I was just curious if they made a 10" and a 10.75" I am still looking for the inductor size mH. of the model 23's.. Norman look here and here to see what I am up to. https://community.classicspeakerpages.net/topic/12454-more-bass-bottom-end/?tab=comments#comment-132582 https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/klh-model-23-dimensions.939140/ Lonny
  15. CYNR

    KLH 10" vs 10.75"

    Hello all: Are these two different speakers?? model 5- 12- 23 list a 12" but on measuring the woofer is 10.75" What's up KLH... Lonny
  16. Hello all: I hooked these up and was not disappointed with results, I have no scientific way of measuring them, just my ears and brain, and my brain said wow! Once I get the surrounds doped they should get better according to most everyone on here. Now my dilemma these are too nice to just be subs, so I am bidding on some model 23 tweeters to finish this build and turn them into replica 23's (for the basement) but I need a little info, measurement's to cut the tweeter holes (top to middle of tweeter and side to middle) and numbers (milihenry's) for the inductors, I
  17. Finally, got my baffles back, never tell a worker "No Hurries". Installed 24 oz. of pink insulation as per Ligs and kent's recommendations ( averaged ) got the grills cut out but am still waiting for the cloth to cover them . don't have time today to hook them up . Lonny
  18. Hey all: got the crossovers and terminals installed today along with a few hours of wax on wax off they are really starting to shine now. i should get the baffles back on Tuesday to complete this project. Lonny
  19. Hey Guys: Thanks for the tip about the XO's, I am planning on mounting them inside but will have access to them if they need tweaking. The gold oak on birch looks great when it is still wet, but dulls a little while drying so today I will try furniture wax and elbow grease. I still have to get the pink insulation stuffing and 1/4" hardboard for the grills, the grill fabric is in the mail and is coffee colored to match the CB-10's and baby Advent's. I am still waiting on a backordered amplifier (200 wpc 8Ohms)to power the AR's KLH's and Advents then these woofers will
  20. Hello good people: I am making progress on this project now that I have (almost) everything in hand, there are no before pictures of the speakers because all they were was a pile of plywood pieces not photo worthy. A picture of the KLH model 5 woofers with the new low pass filters and spring terminals from my baby Advent II tune up. The cabs were made of 3/4 inch Baltic birch because the available oak was crappy looking, so Baltic birch with 3 coats of golden oak stain. I sent the baffles back to the carpenter to have the rabbet joint cut around the hole for the speaker inset.
  21. Thanks ligs: The cap looks too new to be factory so they might have been added by the previous owner. Lonny
  22. Hello Speaker freaks: I received my KLH 5 woofers (and xo's) today, checked the VC's 4.1 ohms ,frequency sweep from 0 to 1000 sounded smooth . These speakers look new except for the sloppy re soldering job. These cones are the thickest and stiffest material I've seen. Looks like the cloth surround's and dust caps need to be resealed . Ok now for the questions, the speakers came with 5 Mf 15v caps soldered across the + - terminals, as I am not using the KLH 5 crossovers should I keep them or remove them ??? I will be using off the shelf lowpass filters 350 hz 12 dB
  23. Thanks Kent, The AR3a box is verrrry close to the AR1w box and mine will be the same dimensions as the AR1. I read that the AR1w box " was filled with fiberglass" but no numbers ? So now I have a number to start with. I have not read all of the AR3a Restoration guide but will .. Lonny
  24. What have I got myself into, woodworking and MATH! two of my least favorite subjects, but I am a details guy so I know the results will be exactly what I am looking for. It's snowing here again so just about time to turn the heat on in the shop and get to work. Ligs I read your other post and I have a question for you or anyone, is there a formula to figure out how much fill to use in each box?? more to come... Lonny
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