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  1. Hello All: I am building a sub for a friend, I have a peavey ips 150 amp and two 4 ohm 12" subs to work with. I want to run the amp bridged (has to be into 8 ohms) so Series wiring the subs ,I have two subwoofer low pass filters but I don't know how best to hook them up . Can I use one lpf at the input or do I need one per sub??? please help me understand this.. Lonny
  2. CYNR

    Advent 3002

    Looking good ,How are the cabs?? As I mentioned earlier one pic I saw had a 4mf and a 1mf cap parallel from the factory, maybe they ran out of 5's that day?? Lonny
  3. CYNR

    Advent 3002

    No problem, I love my Baby Advent II's after a crossover tune up. pictures of your crossovers??? Good luck
  4. CYNR

    Advent 3002

    Hello Bassplayer: It looks like a32 mf and a 5 mf cap + a 3ohm resistor , one pic showed a 4+1 mf cap parallel and another pic showed a 5 mf single cap. There are also two inductors one iron core one air core . Crossover = 2800 hz. Hope this helps Lonny
  5. Those are the happiest speakers I have ever seen. Lonny
  6. Well I can call this project done. Grills and name plates done. Thanks for all the help along the way, I learned a lot being here.. Lonny
  7. Hello Good People; Well I had another deal for said tweeters (model 23 or equivalent) fall apart, so I will ask here, do any of you fine people out there/in here have a working set for sale. let me know.. Lonny Thanks
  8. i got my crossovers finished and switches installed but still looking for Model 23 (or equal) tweeters to finish off this build. Lonny
  9. Happy whatever you all celebrate, I am glad I found this site, the information here is invaluable Thanks to all that helped me through my stuff.. Lonny
  10. Thanks dxho, I am aware of these other tweeters I could use, when I say I'm looking for model 23 tweeters I am looking at all options just none have come up for sale yet ,That is why I went with a phenolic tweeter until I find the correct tweeters, I am still waiting on my crossover parts to build the 23 crossovers..... https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/klh-model-23-dimensions.939140/page-2 Lonny
  11. Hello All, I carried this thread over to AudioKarma https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/klh-model-23-dimensions.939140/ But am still in search of Model 23 tweeters to finish this build.. Lonny
  12. CYNR


    Hey Tommycat, The Five, Twelve and Twenty Three use the same tweeter . I am also looking for a pair ,there was some on Epay a while ago and I was negotiating for a pair locally but that deal fell through so I bought a pair of phenolic tweeters to fill the hole until I find the right ones for my "23" replica build seen here.. Good Luck... https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/klh-model-23-dimensions.939140/ Lonny
  13. CYNR

    KLH 10" vs 10.75"

    Hey guys, I know mine came out of a model 5 and were listed as 12" but after receiving them they measure 10.75" I was just curious if they made a 10" and a 10.75" I am still looking for the inductor size mH. of the model 23's.. Norman look here and here to see what I am up to. https://community.classicspeakerpages.net/topic/12454-more-bass-bottom-end/?tab=comments#comment-132582 https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/klh-model-23-dimensions.939140/ Lonny
  14. CYNR

    KLH 10" vs 10.75"

    Hello all: Are these two different speakers?? model 5- 12- 23 list a 12" but on measuring the woofer is 10.75" What's up KLH... Lonny
  15. Hello all: I hooked these up and was not disappointed with results, I have no scientific way of measuring them, just my ears and brain, and my brain said wow! Once I get the surrounds doped they should get better according to most everyone on here. Now my dilemma these are too nice to just be subs, so I am bidding on some model 23 tweeters to finish this build and turn them into replica 23's (for the basement) but I need a little info, measurement's to cut the tweeter holes (top to middle of tweeter and side to middle) and numbers (milihenry's) for the inductors, I
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