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  1. Recapped my AR 18bs and the improvement was quite noticeable. I have been moving toward using these Pin Connectors for all of my speaker wires (See picture) so I can quickly test and break-in a number of different speakers. They are good for all types of speaker terminal plates with their various connector styles. The eBay pricing is reasonable for the 20-piece sets For this project, I upgraded the Connection Cup that has these spring-loaded connection points and It was a good choice...I really like these with the speaker wire Pin Connectors and the existing screw holes in the AR cabinet line up perfectly. ("Parts Express" Round Speaker Wire Terminal Cup 2-15/16" Gold Spring-Loaded (Part # 260-276)) There is one down side The round lip will cover the factory applied serial number label. Careful application of a Heat Gun will allow safe removal and reapplication of the label in a slightly higher location to preserve this important document.
  2. Here is the business end record of the restore... Refoamed surrounds and rewired with 16awg. Also installed new Parts Express Round Speaker Wire Terminal Cup 2-15/16" with Gold Spring-Loaded connection terminals. These are prefect for use with the 2mm Pin Connectors (Last pic - They are eBay products) on the end of the speaker wires... I am slowly converting all my speaker wires over to these connectors for the ease in which they can be used to quickly swap speakers Also added new caps (2uf and a 3uf=5uf) Now I have to figure out fixing the cabinet damage. When I first put the sound on them... I was actually stunned... jaw dropped! These speakers are blowing my mind! They sound way bigger than their actual size! The cabinets are scratched up a tad and I can't stop listening to them to work on the cabinets. I am off today to pick up a set of AR-18s speakers that also have some very minor cabinet damage... I am anxious to get them up and running just to do a comparison between the 'b and 's versions. I have been led to believe the 18s will blow the 18b out of the water... we will see over the two weeks...
  3. Has anyone recovered their cabinets? any lessons learned or suggestions?
  4. Where are you located... (roughly)
  5. Follow up... Just recently scored my second pair of NLA /1s. You may ask why... Well they were $100 and were in fantastic shape. I had recently been subjected to the "ADVENT STACK" bug on another forum so when these came up, I jumped on them... New ones are on top with the lighter grills. Speakers must be stacked so the Tweeters are in the middle with the top speaker inverted I am here to tell you if you ever get a chance to have two pair... then this is worth trying. The sound is ...magical. Music machine is in the back peeking just in the lower right of the Paper towel roll... Pioneer SX-1010 under restoration. Wanted to make it a complete 1970ish presentation of sound... the combination was spot on.
  6. Woofer_01

    Epi M50

    Follow up... I did actually get this second pair... I am puzzled as to why they have "EPICURE" plates on the grills. They are so wonderful to listen to. Highly recommend them
  7. Woofer_01

    EPI M180W project

    SO then I tripped over my third EPI M180. This was found in a dump in a wealthy New England town. Evidently they have a drop off area where anyone can grab what they want. This one cost me $75. The fate of it's mate is unknown... (moment of silence....). This became my prototype mule for the crossover rebuild. I kept the switch since my wife's hearing is sensitive to high frequencies. She likes the tweeter dialed back a tad. I als like to retain the original back plates to keep that vintage look. The input terminals are upgraded to newer gold plated 5-way units sold by Parts Express. (PN: 260-302). I included the wiring schematic I did up... in case anyone is interested in the "nest mess" of my crossover. Something new with this build is using the terminal splice blocks. I tested the help out of these and disected one to see how it works and subjected one to hammer blows and vibrations and the connections held. I tin the wires before inserting them as they seem to hold better that way. Time will tell... So far two crossovers are done and one speaker is up and breaking in. The cap is a Solen 16uF 400V Polypropylene Capacitor (Parts Express PN: 027-578)
  8. Woofer_01

    EPI M180W project

    The EPI M180 Project revisted... UPDATE: This pair came from upstate NY. My son was up visiting in-laws and these were only 20 minutes away so I bought them and he drove them back down to MA. I have spare woofers and tweeters, so it was easy to get them up and running for testing. Crossover work to come...
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