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Outlandish midrange AR made in Denmark

Giorgio AR

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I found in my research this announcement from Indonesia of a pair of midranges AR manufactured in Denmark.
Never seen a similar speaker, it looks a lot like the mid / tweeters of AR2 and AR2a and the production date printed on the back of the paper cone indicates 75/9.
The AR logo is the belated one at the speaker production date, after 1975 for sure!
It is the strangest speaker ever seen, although it could have been a replacement for the old AR speakers.
It would be nice to understand who and what was produced.
Below I attach the link of the announcement and the photos of the two midranges.


P.S. I saw that you can't open the images, they are visible in the ad, I hope someone can publish them here, I'm not able.



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Looks to me like that very well might be an alternate replacement for the dual drivers used in the AR-2 and AR-2a. The basket frame, accordion surround, and paper cone appear very similar, but obviously the dust cap and magnet structure have different materials and configurations. The original drivers had small alnico slug magnets, and it was not unusual for this type of magnet to be replaced with square or circular ferrite magnets during later productions of other AR drivers - - I'm thinking of the 8-inch AR-4xa woofer and the 10-inch AR-2ax woofer. I am unable to make any sense from the numerical markings - - I don't think they are date stamps - - but it's interesting to see the AR logo which was used with late 70's or early 80's speaker models.

Pic of original driver attached. 

AR-2 tweeter.jpg

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These are the same 5 in. drivers used in the 1952 Baruch-Lang Speaker that Henry Kloss assembled and sold via mail order in his loft/workshop in Cambridge MA. It was not his design, but that of some fellow MIT students. Not my images but from Audiokarma.


Henry must of loved these little speakers because they were later used as the dual midranges in the AR 2 and AR 2a's. Here is a pair that I bought to convert some AR2a's with 2ax upgraded midranges back to their original configuration. I determined they were not the condition I wanted and found another pair. They have a DCR of 3.2 ohms and the speakers are wired in parallel measuring 1.8 ohms. Notice the fiberglass behind the paperthin cones and in the enclosures. I found some modern 4 1/2 in drivers with the same bolt pattern and fit except the magnet structure is too large  and the backs would have to be cut open to allow a portion of the magnet to stick out. They are 8 ohm GRS Pioneer type full ranges and wired in parallel should yield 4 ohm loads. I have not found a project for them yet. Those Danish AR's look interesting and probably very rare.


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Yes, I think Henry liked these, as larrybody says. I have 2 of the Baruch-Lang speakers. Not bad and must have been a favorite dorm room speaker at MIT in the early 50s.

One correction: Baruch was a professor, Lang was a grad student.

Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 12.28.20 PM copy.jpg

BL copy.jpg

ScreenHunter_03 Oct. 07 12.47 copy.jpg

kloss4 copy.jpg

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Thanks for the contribution, my curiosity was due to the fact that apart from the years of production and a few years later, AR no longer provided the replacement for AR2 and AR2a, except for the replacement with the 200008-0 3 "1/2 midrange or with the 200006-0 2 "1/2 mid / highrange.
This pair of midrange sold in Indonesia and probably from S.S./ Seas Danish I think are perfectly unknown until now, we hope that Tom T. or other experts can reconstruct the history of these strange speakers!
IARrybody beautiful speaker with 4 x 5 "mids, I am convinced that it sounds very good, apart from the extremes of the range, I too love this type of cone mids that are in my AR2, AR2a and Heathkit AS-2a (six total pairs) .
I put a request to you and others, I have been searching for a couple of these mids with brown paper cones for years to match my 1963 AR2a that had two pairs of brown mids, unfortunately a couple had coils burned and the substitutes had the most common gray paper, currently each enclosure of this pair of AR2a contains a gray and a brown mid (the coils all have the same mating resistance).
I have as a spare another enclosure with a pair of gray cones, but I don't want to use it to even out the color of the cone on the gray, I'm looking for a brown pair, maybe to exchange with my gray one!
The mids are kept perfect in aesthetic and electrical function, I attach the photos of the two enclosures and the front of my AR2a.

P.S. thank you Kent for beautiful brochure995365712_IMG_11871.jpg.58737b97c2b78ef3cab565f4751e876d.jpg657641417_IMG_16711.jpg.44777378167720e16d238bd8ba80f88d.jpg


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