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  1. Ra Ra how does it make sense to spend 80 dollars on a pair of tweeters that cost a few dollars back in the 80s and not knowing if the ferrofluid is still good these are not the AR3 Tweeters
  2. That is right Ra Ra my offer is still open to come over for a listening demonstration as I do still have my AR Turntable
  3. Brownie you would need to remove one of the bottom woofers to get access, I actually removed the whole crossover from the cabinet to rebuild it and upgrade the speaker terminals with banana female inputs
  4. Ra Ra I just felt like when I was listening to the speakers it seemed somewhat veiled in that area I had a Hartman Kardon intergrated amp and my AR Turntable with the original arm and using a nice Denon cartridge i just felt if AR used one of there tweeters in the AR 9s series it would of made a big difference. Everyone has to remember Teledyne was out to make money so using that type of tweeters helped save money (not saying it was trash just that they had better ones in stock if they wanted to use in there lower priced speakers)ps Engineers were restricted on the budget they were allowed for that particular model. and using the same tweeter or midrange woofer helped in various models helped control the cost . I worked at Apogee Acoustic for a few years
  5. JKent with all respect to AR and your knowledge and help on this forum I never did like the original tweeters in the 93s when I first bought them
  6. Brownie I would definitely replace the caps in the crossovers if you have not yet
  7. They are definitely a better option did you search to see if there are any 6 ohm tweeters out there? The resistance is not going to make much as a different because the frequency range of tweeters in general say if you used a different type of tweeters
  8. Hi I replaced my tweeters with a model very close to this with good results Peerless DX25TG59-04 1" Fabric Dome Tweeter
  9. nefertem

    Braun L810

    Hi everyone I have a Nephew that has a early pair of the Braun L810 and I am going to help him complete his stereo system with a Turntable and new receiver (not going vintage because he wants streaming capability when not spinning vinyl) I updated my crossovers in my ARs a while back and not knowing a lot about the crossovers for this brand if they work should I just leave them alone? Or buy new caps? Also I have advised him not to play it too loud because of the midrange and tweeters thanks everyone
  10. Lakecat couldn’t you just build a second speaker and crossover seeing you have the original drivers already
  11. I wouldn’t blame the cats to much it looks like the spider just disintegration on its own I am not sure if Vincent at Audio Proz in Watertown could have some vintage woofers in stock
  12. Hi Kenyer I think that is a fair price not a steal but not overpriced like I have seen the AR 3s on EBay going for(not knocking anything on the AR3s but I love the AR 9 series)
  13. Lucky the spider is disintegrated go to Madison Sound or Parts Express for a replacement Dr Frankenspeaker needs to do surgery
  14. Hi Daniel one of my favorite bands to show people my AR 93 (your AR 90s Baby Brother)is a Jazz Fusion band from Germany called Passport I bet they would really open up the soundstage with your speakers
  15. Daniel very nice i am so jealous i bet the soundstage is awesome on those
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