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Is AR coming back?


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IMO, designing and building your own big woofers for a full range AS speaker would be a pretty heavy and expensive lift for such a speculative venture.   There are several small AS EDIT sealed box designs on the market but all of the  last octave capable, full range speakers that I know about are big box bass reflex.   Seems like a cruel turn of fate for AR to make ported speakers. I would be comfortable with a well integrated AS sub/sat system approach if I could easily find something as musical as an AR3a. 


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It's nice to see the brand back, but these appear to be commodity-type products, typical of what's available from China these days.

I believe that Absolute Sound magazine has reported that the modernized KLH Model 9 electrostatic will be in the neighborhood of $30,000. This speaker is pushing 60 years old, and it still looks cool; it's like the Steve McQueen of speakers.

This description is from Sound & Vision magazine:

KLH, the legendary speaker brand cofounded by Henry Kloss, is back from the dead with a new owner and a full line of new speakers.

The new owner is Klipsch veteran David P. Kelley who is operating the company in Noblesville, Indiana. He's starting out fairly ambitiously with the big electrostatic speaker pictured. That's the Model Nine. It is being built in Columbus, Ohio under the supervision of David Janszen, son of Arthur Janszen, the Nine's original designer.

The new KLH line is so fully populated that it's impractical to list all the details here. But you'll find floorstanders, monitors, satellites, centers, and subs for every conceivable need, with attention to detail such as tinsel leads, chrome screws, and nice veneers. In a tip of the hat to the company's origins, all models are named for streets in Cambridge or Harvard: Kendall, Ames, Windsor, etc. Fresh redesigns of KLH's legendary table radios are also present.

And yes, there's an Atmos-enabled speaker, the Beacon Atmos ($398/pair), which is designed to sit atop the Beacon Surround ($498/pair). Pricing for most models is on the affordable side. We look forward to getting in a full 5.1.4-channel set for review.



klh 9.jpg

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The Acoustic Research name is now being used for a fairly high end line of media players, plus headphones. 

Media Players

But, since Voxx International also owns Klipsch, I'd be very surprised if they ever relaunch AR speakers.  Or at least, meaningful AR speakers.  Though, it would be cool to see a line of planar magnetic speakers, since their headphones use planar elements.

Wireless Speakers

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