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  1. Excellent questions... but I don't have definitive answers for any of them. So much time has passed since I last worked on the website's structure that I don't know how much time and effort will be required to simply get it into a modern website development tool. That would be the first goal. The second would be an inventory of all the hardcopy and electronic classic speaker documents that I have, in order to add new items to the website and replace lower quality documents with higher quality versions. The third goal would be reassessing navigation and non-discussion forum functionality then making improvements to it. I'll look into what a paid intern might cost and see how far auctioning off an AR-1W might get us. Mark
  2. It has been over 10 years since I've updated this website, particularly the Library, in any significant way. My role here has largely been keeping the lights on (basically, paying hosting and software bills every month) and patching the forum software... particularly when genek and Carl (rest in peace) have nudged me. Speaking of genek, he recently got me thinking about if, when, and how we could begin making updates to the Library again. One of my dreams back in the day (before running a company, and before having kids) was setting up a bit of a museum in my basement with an AR-1W as the centerpiece. The stars are not going to be aligning for me on that one, so I'm considering auctioning my AR-1W off... to raise funds which will pay an intern to update the Library. It will be a lot of work, and fairly technical, so I think a paid internship will be the only practical solution. Any thoughts on this madness? Mark
  3. Thanks for the heads-up Pete... very sad news. If it wasn't for Carl's help moderating and nudging me to fix things, The Classic Speaker Pages may have not have made it this far. Mark
  4. Hello, 

    I'm just getting into the vintage speaker world. I have an opportunity to buy a pair of Boston Acoustics A200's. I see where someone asked many years ago for you or someone else to upload a PDF of the complete pamphlet for the A200. Is there a way I can download that so I can have the info off line? Also, do you know of any resource that has the specs for the A200?



  5. Guys: Trying to keep these forums (well, largely this forum) from blowing up seems to have become a full-time job for Gene, when all I was hoping for originally was that he would help me keep spammers out. You all only see part of what he deals with... if you took into account private messages and emails, I think most people would have given up already. Here's a look at some of what he's dealing with now: 1.) Griping about the fact that we agreed to remove posts 2.) Griping because we aren't banning people 3.) Griping that there's too much moderation 4.) Griping that there's not enough I'm shutting this forum down. If people can't keep things civil in the rest of the forums here, I'll use the ban functionality liberally. Please step back and think about what's going on here... this website is maintained to help people repair their classic New England speakers, not to entertain - there are plenty of other forums for that, and on some insulting each other is fair game too. Not here. Mark
  6. No offense taken. If you are successful setting up a classic Snell website, I would be glad to link to it from here. I added this Snell forum because I had multiple requests, but haven't opened up a Snell Library area because of the volume of work I have pending in the sections that already exist. Mark
  7. Per the Forum Terms & Rules: "3. You will verify your posts are on-topic." and "10. You will avoid posting links to eBay auctions that you are associated with." For sale / Wanted items should *only* be placed in the For sale / Wanted area. Posts regarding eBay auctions, as will as the user accounts responsible for the posts, will be deleted at my discretion. Visitors have made it clear that they do not want The Classic Speaker Pages to become muddled with links to auction items. Mark
  8. Hmn... I guess we're missing a brochure. On a side note, the Holographic brochure we *do* have mentions many of the models are acoustic suspension, but I think some of the other models are listed as acoustic suspension with a qualification, so that may mean part of the speaker is sealed and another is ported? (I've never seen these models, so someone please correct me if I'm wrong.) Mark
  9. See: http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/_Media/ar-holograms.pdf Mark
  10. Andy has developed a new classic KLH model history for everyone. I have converted his list into a spreadsheet and am attaching my first draft. Please respond with your comments and suggestions. I will update the next draft with the suggestions I receive here (and that Andy signs off on) and then will place the completed spreadsheet in the Library. Thanks, Mark Classic_KLH_Model_History.xls.zip
  11. I think it's time we have a pinned topic for the "Restoring the AR-3a" document developed by six of our esteemed members - Roy Champagne, Ken Kantor, Minh Luong, John O’Hanlon, Bret Thiel, and Tom Tyson. The document is available here: http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/library...ring_the_ar-3a/ Per John's suggestion, I have put a counter on this page (available when I run statistics) so we can see how popular this document becomes. If you have feedback on the document and how it has impacted your restoration project, please reply to this thread. Mark
  12. Does AVID deserve a forum of its own, or should I make an "Other" forum in the New England category for AVID, Genesis Physics, Bozak, and any other low-traffic forums? Mark
  13. Dario mentioned he has some material from AVID loudspeakers in Rhode Island. Does anyone know more about this company? How long were they in RI? Mark
  14. We seem to be having a problem with new users and cross-posting. Cross-posting is prohibited per the Forum Terms & Rules that new users see during registration and they are always available at the top of the screen in the forums. I'm not sending individual emails to users breaking the Forum Terms & Rules - I will simply delete the user account and any problematic posts. If I need to, I'll begin banning IP addresses. We need to all do our part to keep the signal to noise level in check here. Cross-posting is annoying and can create significant confusion as separate threads develop. Mark
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