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  1. I confirm all JKent says. I add that Cizek Two are in particular the less bass-rich speakers of the whole production of Cizek Audio System. The only one that probably need Sub-Woofer MG27. Ciao Paolo
  2. It's with great pleasure that I announce to the Community a new Slovenian website dedicated to the great Roy Cizek and his amazing speakers. You can find it at the following URL: http://cizekspeaker.weebly.com/ All The Best! Paolo Lippe
  3. paolippe

    Cizek KA-1

    Look at This: Hi Paolo
  4. They are original Cizek stands, hardly to find today, but very simple to build. Ciao Paolo
  5. Here you can see the video of The Cizek One sounding in a famous Italian HIFI Shop. Have a good fun! All The Best! Paolo Lippe
  6. I re-submit Cizek Two Revew from SUONO circa 1978
  7. This is simply Emotional!!! THX Paolo
  8. CIZEK Model 3 + MG27 Review on Stereoplay
  9. Review of CIZEK KA-1 + KA-20 SW on SUONO N. 113, June 1982
  10. CIZEK SOUNDWINDOW review on SUONO N. 94, June 1980
  11. Hi everyone, Here You can read the first review of the Cizek Model One by Renato Giussani, Stereoplay, Italy, Number 54, April 1978; unfortunately, the majority of the material that I posted to this website about Cizek speakers has been lost. For this reason I try to resend it to you. Paolo
  12. Hi Daevdude, i'll try to help you. 1) Do not touch the crossover components if the speakers sound well 2) As regards logos/badges try this: http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Boar...?showtopic=3177 Moreover, try to ask Rickrob2 if he ships to you 2 badges reproductions as he made for me two years ago... 3) Any cabinet little restoration wouldn't alterate the sound I think All The Best with your CIZEK One Paolo
  13. Click on this link: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immagine:Cize..._with_stand.jpg and you will se my CIZEK stands. I think it's very difficult to find them, but very very easy to make them... Paolo
  14. About 30 cm, possibly slightly inclined as you can see in this picture: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Cizek_Model_One All The Best Paolo
  15. paolippe

    Why so rare?

    P.S.: Since February 2008 I've got my own MG 27 SubWoofer. GREAT !!! Paolo
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