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    I am completely hooked on East Coast sound speakers. My favorite running speakers are in my home office--a DIY Bozak Concert Grand and 1973 Realistic Optimus 7 speakers.
  1. Hi Steve, I know this is an old thread but I really appreciate your advice on all things vintage! I just acquired some VR 40 speakers and was wondering if there is any advice for recapping them? Thanks, -Joseph
  2. Hi Geoff, I've had my trusty AR 91 speakers for several years now. They have been recapped and I spread the poly foam a little better than the role I saw tossed in one speaker with no love. I also added a little extra fiberglass foam with great success. In my opinion, the more power you can give an AR91 the better. It's almost more demanding than the AR9LSi pair that I have...seems backwards I know but that is my experience. I have a Sansui 8080 and love it very much. It makes any speaker sound better than it ought to. I have never heard the AU919. So, if it were me, I would go with whichever puts out more juice so you can extract the most from that wonderful AR woofer. -Joseph
  3. I have had a number of speakers pass in and out of my house and will concur that polyfill seemed to bring out the stupid in some people. In a pair of AR91s I restored, one speaker simply had a roll tossed in. The other was laid out better. In a DCM Timewindows speaker, one had an empty soda can thrown in. I did not alter anything with the Timewindows (son owns it now) because it was the most poly stuffed speaker I have ever witnessed. I also never messed with that pair because they sure had some low notes that I was not expecting...sounded great with jazz articulation which they are known for. In general, I copy the AR3 lay of filling. Spread out but cupped a little around the woofer. In fact, AR3 woofers usually had a very light cheesecloth wrapped around the woofer frame. And then, if there's room I put a little of the opposite filling. So, if it's fiberglass then poly, and vice verse. I was told the two materials are cut differently and both are mightier than one to handle LF waves. Finally, the two speakers I noticed immediate sound differences with regard to filling were anything Bozak and Boston Acoustic A series. I own BA100s that sound amazing and better than other pairs I've heard once I recapped and played a little with the filling. It's not scientific, my opinion, but I've had the BA100s in all sorts of locations and still wow! Those are going to my daughter but sometimes I think.... I also have a pair of Bozak 301s placed in a much larger and beautiful University case. THAT ONE...if you adjusted the Bozak filling one way or another the sound would be glorious or crappy. I spent considerable summer hours on that pair because it was an interesting listening test. I still have them and they ain't going anywhere.
  4. I'm so happy to hear this study! Unfortunately, I have to be brief. I did nearly the same comparison but with a Luxman 1050 and Ar3s. The sound was nearly the same but the AR91s seemed more rewarding in the upper range. I kept them even though I painstakingly restored the AR3s and sending the mids to Larry in NYC.
  5. Just getting back on this thread. Wow! That paint job is awesome!! If I still had my two pairs of 94s I would have gone your direction even though mine were in good shape. I think I mentioned somewhere on Audiokarma that it seemed the 94 on up to 91 series (I still have my beloved 91s) were not always quality controlled. My 91 and one pair of 94 had a role of foam tossed in, folded…not much either. The other 94 had it nicely spread with a shaped cup shape around the woofer. You saying yours was crammed would be an additional experience I haven't had (except maybe for my AR90s). Also, I'm no specialist like others such as Forleo but it seemed to me that as more letters got added after 94 the cheaper they got made. I've seen AR94s, AR94si and AR94sx. The AR94s having a real wood top, the others plastic and a tad thinner. And, it's been a while, but I think the AR94sx had a different and shinier/sticky middle (upper?) woofer than the usual dry paper. I'm a music professor and hated the school's speakers so I donated them and hear them in action, often. They handle everything very well except maybe the lowest tones of a pipe organ.
  6. I've seen those but never heard them…Guessing they beat Bose hands down and would make a great garage/workshop speaker. I'm probably the wrong person to ask since my wife allowed me to put my AR90s in our garage to accompany the stuff I do. I know, a slight insult but not really. I use them often so they get my respect. Still, those look small enough to hang up high and feel good. Your call!
  7. Yours look great! I mostly post over at Audiokarma and it has been a while since I owned AR94 speakers (moved on up to AR9LSi!) but I liked them. I did end up adding fiberglass (Home Depot) to the polyfiber that was in there and it seemed to tighten things up a little without loss to bass. Also, I couldn't stand the stock tweeter so I followed someone's suggestion at Audiokarma (sorry, forget his handle right now) and that made a huge difference. The tweeter came from Parts Express and was cheap, a near perfect match numbers-wise. I just enlarged the hole a little. Other than that, these speakers can kick out quality sound and have a very small footprint. Cheers!
  8. Um, how much? BTW, I live in RI so not too far from MA. -Joseph
  9. Hi Steve and Roger, this thread is very old but useful on the internet so want to add. As a Classical musician and professor I have a living room with wood floors and a grand piano. My wife, who is not a musician, has had to deal with that piano whenever we moved. In that room, I have a Luxman 1050, Technics turntable and AR91s carefully restored by me…they sound great. I just picked up some ADS L1590s and am blown away by their sound. Yes, generally, they sound a bit like warmer ARs but their midrange and tweeter talents…well, livelier. I still remember the sweetness of my former AR3 speaker tweeters in that same location but they couldn't take much stress. I don't listen to too much loud music anymore but the volume can creep up on sunny days. Just confirming that AR and A/D/S are lateral kind of moves. Though, the cabinet beauty of the A/D/S is where AR could/should have been in later days. -Joseph
  10. I know this is an old listing but am wondering if you ever sold your AR3 woofers? I actually only need one for an AR3 I am restoring. Thanks, -Joseph (Rhode Island)
  11. Whoa, those ARE early! Contact Paolo Lippe directly, he's the Cizek expert here and all over, and then please tell us how yours sound!! I've just acquired another pair of the Model 1s for my home office and am in absolute heaven. Mine have realistic highs, mids and go low but someone suggested sinning and quietly adding a powered subwoofer for the music I listen to. I'm mostly Classical but I love loud movie soundtracks and Classic rock. We'll see. Good luck, -Joseph
  12. Since posting some pics of my Model 1 pair I thought it might be helpful to some if I mentioned I replaced the surround on the problem woofer I had. With the AR speakers I normally just do it by touch and have never missed. However, these Cizeks have a tight gap and it required me cutting off the dustcap...well, actually I cut 99% of it so I could flip it back down and glue it. Contrary to most modern dustcaps that are made of thin paper, the Cizeks use thick cardboard so it was a chore cutting it. I then cut three slices of 3x5 card paper, oiled those just a tiny bit and slipped them in like you're supposed to do when using the shim method while glueing. It worked! So, just so owners know what to expect. I learn from my mistakes.
  13. I've been talking to Paolo and he wanted pictures. Thought you'd like to see these, serial nos. 2702 & 2704. I live in Rhode Island and went to an estate sale (my first) on a whim...expecting to find some large KLH speakers. When I got there the KLHs were already gone but then I saw these. Only one had the Cizek decal. The surrounds were long gone and so far I've refoamed them but have a problem with voice coil rub...probably from the cones drooping down free for a long time. One has a tiny sweet spot to play it for now, the other is going to stay offline until I have enough money to send these out to do a little repair/rebuild. Also, one of the turn dial mechanisms looks like it was replaced with one whose shaft is completely round...without the indention the original knob got stripped and so I eventually gotta figure out how to replace the knob or the mechanism or both...later. The good: Cizeks are new to me but they definitely kick "tight" bass against my Henry Kloss ARs, Advents, KLH, etc. And the highs are so realistic. These are keepers! At the moment, my good Cizek sits atop one of my pair of Realistic Mach 1 speakers (who are awaiting the upgrade 1 from AudioKarma) and seems to be a great marriage! I listen to all types of music but my day job is trying to "listen" with a straight judgement...music professor and Classical conductor. That said, I teach a new rock&roll course so it's all good. Thanks Paolo, et al.
  14. I've got a small office in a finished basement with two AR94Sx sitting on top of two New Large Advent. They can be A-B switched but I like the combination of them. I noticed an incredible improvement in sound once I got the AR94Sx'es off the floor...so yes, go for it! Guess I should mention the NLA speakers are stock and the AR94 speakers were stock until recently when I swapped out the working stock tweeters with Daytons. Found the AR94Sx tweeters harsh as some have said...confirmed that when I raised them. BTW, I'm new to collecting speakers but I'm a music prof so I "use" my ears all day...I like loud Classical mostly. Best, -Joseph
  15. I know this is an old post but I have two AR94Sx and I did do the replacement of the two stock/working tweeters with two Daytons (the earlier tweeter version to the one mentioned in your article) and I think with good results at all sound volumes...livened it up, I think. The old stock tweeters were harsh as some have said and it was the first time I experienced ear fatigue. Would you elaborate on what you meant by "not" a good sonic replacement re the Dayton tweeters? If there's an even better choice then I'll start saving dough if I know what model to pursue. Thanks, -Joseph
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