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AR drawings

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On 3/25/2016 at 2:51 PM, owlsplace said:

May be easier to post individual pdf's in the Library. It has always been a challenge to search the archives and find what you are interested in ... then there is the Adobe Flash section ...

There was a point in time (mid 2008?) when the index of the AR drawings was an
html file (searchable), and the individual .TIFs were posted (~1.8 gig). I have all that
on disc. I was thinking about putting them up on my web site, or even posting them
here again. I don't know why Flash was used. The first iteration of the drawings here
was basically unusable.

Edit 04/10/22

List and links to drawings:


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I'd like to post the index file. Images should already be on disc (or server) here. So, the
plan is to edit the index and point to those files (assuming admins here are okay with
this). I don't have their location ATM.


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We admins only manage the forums. The site owner is the only person who can do any changes to the library. But there's no reason you couldn't post an index file here. Just make sure it's a txt or PDF file, or if you want to post links put them in the body of the post. If you do a file attach with an html file the forum software will treat it like a txt file.

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I don't have links yet. I have no way to determine where the images are stored.

In the meantime, here's the index sans links in a Word document.
There was earlier discussion of the drawings, and Robert_S pointed out some
mistakes. His list has been integrated.


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