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  1. You can use bondo to fix the busted corner or precision saw it and glue in a replacement piece, I'd bondo it and apply vinyl veneer as matching as possible. I have the same silver ring around my tweeters....I wonder if those are factory replacements because the P/N on mine doesn't match the OEM P/N.
  2. Left to right, pics 1 & 2 from 58s so far as I know the original P/N is 100051 this has P/N 200043-0. Pis 3,4,5 all same driver measures around 5". This is supposed to be a 20001-1 or -0 8" if it really is a 20001 it's what belongs in my 17s I don't think it's an authentic AR.
  3. I'm sorry I missed this post, very informative! Thanks to all!
  4. dna

    AR 5

    Thanks for the valuable info! Would they be of recent or current vintage?
  5. dna

    AR 5

    Where could I get the tweeters repaired if needs be? The owner indicated they were overhauled at some shop in Seattle 6 years ago. The foams look pretty good, too good not to be of recent vintage.... My getaway is 12' X 16' with 8' walls and a 4' peak, I have a Pioneer SX 780 tuner and the AR 5, 58, and 17s towered with a pair of Pioneer S? 100 that I'm not (they need re-capped) using right now. It makes for a pretty good listening room....:) I saw 2 blue and 1 orange cap, that orange on sure is large. The leads from them are so short I can't rotate them to see the brand or rating.
  6. dna

    AR 5

    Picked up this pair of AR 5s today S/Ns 35194 and 35186. I have seen other ARs with the wires traveling across the front panel; they are covered over with electrical tape. is this typical? They sure are in nice shape, heavy too! From the pics on line some had these wires across the panel and other (prolly later editions?) had the wires inside. I'm thinking AR coated the exposed wires with a non-conductive coating would any one know what would work for that today do I want to do that or leave well enough alone? I will get inside tomorrow to check out the caps, The seller said they were gone over 6 years ago by a pro shop in Seattle (I live in the Puget Sound area) I imagine they re-foamed and re-capped them but I'll know fersure tomorrow. It's been a long day, 2 hour ride to the location and 2 hours back as well, funny how that works...
  7. dna

    AR 17s

    I just got 2 sets of caps for my AR 58s, I forgot the voltage was 50, I got 100s... they are BP and VENT brands. Def. electrolytics... should I have got something different?
  8. dna

    AR 17s

    "OTOH"? Please forgive my ignorance... ADD? does that mean anything? My dogs ((at the time) ripped the cones and the foam out right down to the voice coils. They did a job on the foam grilles too! When I attempted to re-foam the driver(s) I used those curved wire brushes that are a lot like a tooth brush (I'm a mechanic by trade and training though I am OFFICIALLY RETIRED as of March 30 2020!) to hold the cone away from the frame while I applied solvent to the cone and then attach the foam; I'm not sure that was the best thing to use but it's what I had on hand at the time. If this is what you mean when you say "shim the cone"....... I'll add pics of my re-coning efforts tomorrow.... I forgot to take the pics!
  9. dna

    AR 17s

    @ 50 Volts... Bi Polar of course?
  10. 5"(?) AR speaker with beautiful foam and cone available for sale or trade. Check out the photos, I have ONE. Looking for a tweeter from a AR 58s or a woofer (P/N 200001-1) from the AR 17.
  11. dna

    AR 17s

    Here Here's the pics of my AR 17 stuff. I still have a set of AR 58s as well. The original AR 17 woofers were tossed in to the trash back in 2001, after (back in 1982-3) my dogs ripped the cones out. Back to 2001; thinking I could buy new ones from AR, (thus avoiding shoddy re-cone & foam job; boy, was I in for a surprise!) The people I called that said they had AR (genuine) replacements, they didn't have genuine replacements at all, what they had were a direct fit dimension wise but not performance wise. They are still using this advert pitch I am sure you all know of whom I speak! So, now I have 1210037-2As installed in the cabs and these 2 spares, one of which needs to be re-foamed along with the AR 25 8" woofer which is (I'm told) the same model # as originally used in the ADD editions of the AR 17 (P/N 200000-1); I am also told that P/N 200029 was used in the ADD AR 17. Some say I could use them as well and the 200037 (from the AR 18) with good results.Aas it turns out these original P/Ns are either not out there (on Ebay) or those that are selling them (on Ebay) want more $$$ than I am willing to pay. If anyone knows of another resource for genuine AR drivers I would certainly shop there as well. There was a seller on Ebay that offered an AR 17 woofer with a poly cone in it (it was smaller than 8" diameter), it also didn't have the 200001-1 P/N on it either, I bought it before I realized what it was; I and contacted the guy and he allowed me to cancel my order. I have an odd ball AR speaker here for sale or trade P/N 1210122-0A. Pls. PM me if interested.
  12. Tom; What is the current status of your project? BTW I think many conventional expenses of self publishing could be reduced or eliminated if you self- publish the book on Amazon, in a electronic form; (no actual book, no actual printing, binding, physical distribution, boxes, shipping) this may be the answer your looking for. On another subject; would it be possible to post all the appropriate archives to the AR library here?
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