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  1. I listed the three models as equivalent, and what I've read in Audiokarma suggests that's true for practical purposes. You commented in that thread, but I couldn't tell if you noticed audiojones' statement that KLH went to the more common (smaller) magnet sometime into the production run of Twelves. Of course, measuring the two types would reveal the truth.
  2. Briliant! I've not been able to find the images here. Here's a direct link to the index. https://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=20559
  3. Someone else in another forum suggested this for switch replacement: https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/CK/A30305RNZQ/?qs=h7H1bHRqGz%2BI/XAEF%2B2b7A== This is included for reference, or if you/someone wants to bypass them legend says switches are set at ccw and that they turn cw. so here are connections made at the three positions IMO mids ccw 12-1 4-5 8-9 (decrease) middle 12-2 4-6 8-10 (normal) cw 12-3 4-7 8-11 (increase) tweets ccw 12-1 4-5 (decrease) middle 12-2 4-6 (normal) cw 12-3 4-7 (increase)
  4. This guy sells what seems like 80%+ of the vintage gear on the Richmond list, usually at full retail. Twelves are nice speakers, you just need to decide if they're that nice. Never dealt with him, no idea if he'll haggle.
  5. Can't help you on xos, but production (or at least availability) dates for the Five went through 1977, according to buyer's guides of the time. Same for the Six, Nine, Seventeen, Thirty One, and Thirty Two.
  6. If you weren't aware, Model Five and Twelve tweeters are equivalent. Model Six, Seventeen, Twenty, Thirty, and Thirty Three will fit, but they have different voicing. I haven't compared the two variations side-by-side, so I don't know how much difference there is.
  7. dxho


    the latest I've been able to verify PIO caps is about system # 18xxx A few people have been able to knock out the front baffle of the early systems from the back and save the grill cloth. There are apparently a couple of screws or some kind of fastener on each side of the front about midway down. Either way, entry from the back isn't all that difficult. I put a pair of Fours on saw horses, terminal plate down, to chip out the epoxy tub. All the shrapnel fell on the floor, not in the cabinet.
  8. That 20 ft coax could be picking up some signal. Here's way more information than you probably need, but the coiled-coax balun might help. http://ham-radio.com/k6sti/balun.htm
  9. Looks like it ran from at least '74 through '78, based on buyers guides. The CT-38 was apparently a one-year model ('78). CT-38 Two-Way Speaker System Two-way speaker system with two 8-1/4" woofers and two 2-1/2" tweeters; min. input 10 W rms; max. input 75 W/ch rms; 4-ohm imp.; hand oiled oak veneer accent panels, wrap-around cloth panels, and removable smoked glass top; 41" H x 11" W x 11" D $250.00
  10. Good to know these pots aren't indestructible. Yours is the first field report of which I'm aware.
  11. There are 2 x 2uf caps lashed together. Three are connected to make the 6uf, and one is run separately. I replaced the oil caps in my pair; the sound did not noticeably improve. But that would only affect the tweeters, and these don't go that high in the best of circumstances. The pots on these are unique to this model, and apparently do not corrode. At any rate, I'd test the caps and pots before arbitrarily replacing them. This might be one of the few vintage systems that legitimately doesn't need upgrading. Kent is right about the possible use of surround sealer. These ar
  12. I'll add that it's probably worth the effort to set the ARs in the bookshelf and gauge performance...
  13. The bigger furniture stores and new car dealer parts departments typically have massive amounts of cardboard to handle and often are fine with scavenging. They usually have the biggest boxes.
  14. The high-end KLH tweeters from a certain time period look the same, but there are two variations, apparently with different voicing:
  15. Usual advice is to keep the originals. I tested that advice and found new caps did not change the sound. You are certainly welcome. This exact model was my gateway drug to this website and all things AR, so I'm happy to enable others ?
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