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AR7...pleasant memory of Robert (ra.ra)

Giorgio AR

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I'm using a pair of AR7s that were a topic of discussion some time ago with Robert...they're the way he liked them, covered in wood and clearly in excellent aesthetic and functional condition. Robert was a lover of small ARs of which he owned several well-restored and documented examples here, still a help from Robert today to those who own small and well-sounding ARs.
In honor of his aesthetic taste (he was a good architect) and his restorations, in this pair of AR7s of mine I wanted to polish the external frame of the woofer frame, as Robert did, it is a nice contrast between the dark panel and the woofer stands out same.
Hi Robert, these AR7s of mine have applied your wonderful intuition.
P.S. unlike ra.ra I don't put washers on the screws!!



You can see the nice light contrasting circle (simple restoration if desired, brush with carbon black and the woofer frame goes back to hiding!).


Thanks Robert, you are always with us and I always remember you.

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I'm terribly sorry. I didn't have many direct conversations with him.  But I did purchase a set of ar25's recently, thinking of I post a refurb of them, id be sure to get a comment from him. I had that thought as I was paying for them. 

Can I ask, did he pass some time ago and I missed it. Recently?

To the OP:  I'll send you a set of ar-7 nos tweets gratis, they're rear wired , but I'll modify that if you prefer to keep the front.  Be good brother.


I'm sorry. I pride myself on knowing this. But.. at anyway. 20005's or 200014-3, whichever the first ar-7 tweet was.  They are yours. A gift.




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1 hour ago, scottie munoz said:

I'll send you a set of ar-7 nos tweets gratis

Scottie thank you for your kind thoughts, dear one, Robert left us if I remember correctly a couple of years ago...it was time that he didn't speak and a member gave us the sad news.
The thread was to remember a beautiful person, always ready to give advice and sincerely passionate about Acoustic Research.
Thanks for the proposal on the tweeters, but I don't need spare parts... if these can be useful, keep them for those who need them in the future, unfortunately these splendid tweeters, fruit of the genius of Roy Allison, tend to interrupt the cables that run along the cone (and for this reason reason they can be repaired) and surely someone will need your spare parts, I sincerely thank you for your nice proposal.
Good listening, Giorgio.

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These are perfectly functioning tweeters. But I understand the sentiment.  It's a strange world... Csp or other forums.

As a youngester in comparison, I spend most of my time reading back posts.  Ra.ra has been here all doing through his posts. And I missed , if there was one. A statement of his passing.  Forgive. Me, I grieved a little in that moment. 

Going all the way back at the archives go.  I'm not always hip to what's current.

MY KNEE JERK REACTION when You SIMPLY MADE A GREAT POST  remembering a friend by, I take it as an " Announcement.". My apologizes.


There should really be a  separate area  for current passing's.  I know at 42, y'all  got me beat by a decade or 5.  I consider reading your posts the last 20 plus years...something.  I don't know what, but I try not cynical, and to say that times learning from you in the past was " nothing". Would define "cynical." 


I gotta think of a man I've spent reading their posts the last 20 so years of their life, even if I never had a direct word with you, at least an acquaintance.  I always have a special place in my memory, my heart for anyone , friend, foe or acquaintance.... That taught me a skill.  A skill or piece of information or wisdom that I can pass along to my sons, which includes 2-3 dozen of you.  You've given me,  a chance to live when I didn't think I could when I came home from my second tour in Iraq snd quickly realized I was not ok....an verly dramatic story for amother overwrought post. I suppose.A few of you know anyhow. 









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42 minutes ago, scottie munoz said:

But I understand the sentiment.  It's a strange world... 

You don't need an excuse for your misunderstanding!! My English aided by Google Translate is sometimes not always understandable and can be confusing.
The post was precisely to remember a beautiful person who contributed greatly to increasing our knowledge, as you also wrote; the AR7s in front of me with the polished ring as Robert aesthetically liked will remind me of a pleasant and kind person, known thanks to this splendid site.

Thanks ra.ra.

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2 hours ago, JKent said:

, fyi

Thanks Kent... always present and great participation in the site with your contributions, help and last but not least you found me what I couldn't find (pots, labels, screws and lots of advice).

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