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Ohm Model L Crossover

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Just spitballin' here, but have you tried to contact Ohm directly for help? Ohm is known for their excellent customer service and support across their entire speaker lineup, not just for current models. They just might be able to help you:

Ohm Acoustics Corp.
28 Tiffany Place, Unit 1L
Brooklyn NY 11231 USA
Toll free: 800-783-1553
Phone: 718-422-1111
Service: 718-422-1111

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Thanks again to Norman for his suggestion. Here is the reply from Ohm President John Strohbeen; 

"Thanks for your inquiry.  Unfortunately we do not have such schematics available any more.  In fact, we are looking to work with some engineers who are interested in the preservation of the art and design of legacy systems like ours, so at some point we do hope to have them.  It sounds like you have a nice project in front of you though.  Send some pics in if you like, we always like to see folks enjoying their Ohm's."

I will send them pics once I get into it.

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I had a pair. Some info here 

I’m away from home until October or I would check the photos on my computer 

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Sorry your inquiry to Ohm did not work out. I've never owned a set of Ohm's but I have been tempted to look into Ohm Walsh speakers because of their devoted, almost fanatical following. My advice about contacting them directly was based on what I have read about their customer support online. I'm kind of surprised about JKent's experience since it runs contrary to everything else I've read about them. But what I love about this site is that there is almost always someone at the ready, like JKent, who is willing to help out a fellow audiophile who needs help, even if it's a bit outside the scope of a "Classic" speaker.

Good luck with your project and please keep us posted!

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