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Rectilinear XII


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Hello everyone. I just recently found this forum so I thought I would jump right in with some questions. I found some Rectilinear XII's for sale near me but I know nothing about these speakers. Specifically, I was wondering whether any of the drivers appear to have been replaced, if the port is supposed to be filled in, and if the cover material has been replaced? Any insight that anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.




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Welcome dbeav

The Rectlinear section doesn’t get a lot of traffic so you may not get an immediate answer. Look through the threads for info and pictures of XIIs. The port should be filled but looks like it originally had a screen over it. The mid driver should be a whizzer cone. Hard to tell from your picture but it doesn’t look like it to me. Woofers need new surrounds. Grille cloth looks like a replacement. 

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Well, after the seller reduced the price I just had to go get them. Seller said he was the original owner and never had anything done to them and I gotta say, they do not look like anyone has been in there messing around. So are these a later model maybe without the whizzer cone and stapled on screen and with boring black grill material? Either way though, I can't wait to get these refoamed and start checking them out. I think they may go well with a system I'm putting together for my son.





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This is my last pic for the night, I promise. Turns out the grills may be original after all. After getting them into some good light the material is not just black but has a bit of pizazz to it. The grill frames are also plywood. I'm thinking these speakers may have been made near the end of Rectilinear which apparently went bankrupt in 77?


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14 hours ago, dbeav said:

I pulled one of the mids out and here is what they are.

"Squawker" doesn't sound very hi-fi 😀. That looks like a Mitsubishi logo on there but Panasonic also made that model squawker. I don't know whether Rectilinear ever used Japanese drivers but "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". I'd just do the re-foam and install new crossover caps. My only first-hand experience with Rectilinears was with the Mini III, XI and XIa. They all need new caps.

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