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My ARs


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        You all have been such a help to me! I really appreciate this site!

I find so much info and you guys are so knowledgeable!

It's a great place for learning and sharing the wonder of the AR family.



        I wanted to show you my ARs, In the photo bottom up we have...

AR 58S, AR 5, AR 17 (with original foam face) and it you look in the middle of the shelf you'll find the latest pair of 17s I scored on Ebay!

I have 2 Pioneer SX 780s (they need fixing, is any body up to the job?) and I'd like to get a 3rd SX 780 or better!

I have a LOT of musical gear (instruments and amplifiers) and it's time to simplify my life.

I had a good friend "Robin" was his name'; he came home from Vietnam with a PIONEER 9000 tuner, A Dual (I think) turn table and a 7" Sony reel to reel. He had Coral 7 driver 6 way pair of speakers; man those babies put you in the studio holding guitar picks for John Fogarty and his brother Tom while they recorded "Born On The Bayou", Green River, Bootleg, and Pagan Baby! I got into the military years later and heard the AR 17s with those Coral speakers as my reference. I like ARs...

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Me too, Aadams, will you see that Dna will show us his AR58s /b? today lremoving the grille, so we will soon discover the mystery!
Now, after a hearty breakfast, I have to go down to the cellar, find the crossover plate and find the AR58s one for the photo of the second resistor.

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As you can see they are model 58s.

I know I have a replacement tweeter there (it has no silver stripe) I am working on buying one.


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Here you see the mid / high section of the AR48b, substantially identical to the AR58b (perhaps the resistance of the mid. Is different), see the mid / hi group in front and back.
Clearly the AR58s and AR58b do not share the same crossover.


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1 hour ago, dna said:

a replacement tweeter there

Those tweeters were also on my AR58s, too bright for my taste, others and more experienced than me will be able to show you how to intervene to "tame them", I replaced mine with those of AR91 (AR factory) 200029, much better for mine ear, but still too much.

I'm still in the works ... I don't have ten hands ... with the AR58s crossover change to the AR91 / 92 one provided with attenuation with switches on mid and tw at -3 / -6db, then I will better appreciate the sound that will be more like the one further back in this range that the AR3a have.

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Here are my rebuilt AR91 crossovers installed in my AR58S speakers.





I too am a fan of the AR 3a sound so I run the tweeters at -6db.  I listen to three different systems (not including the cars) and I find myself spending more time with these AR58S almost everyday.

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6 hours ago, lARrybody said:

Here are my rebuilt AR91 crossovers installed in my AR58S

Bravo IARrybody, your topic and even that if I remember correctly convinced me to buy the AR91 / 92 crossovers to "soften" the sound of my AR58s too harsh in my ears.
In my case, unfortunately, the crossover was of the AR92, so further modification with replacement of the woofer coil and addition of additional capacitor and resistor as in the crossover dedicated to these speakers.
Your crossover is well made, the Mundorf capacitors plus the other coupled ones are excellent and well positioned, I really like (I'll do it too) the fixing of the masonite with screws ... I suppose you have interposed two turns of a good liquid sealant to ensure pneumatic and anti-vibration sealing.

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