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Two AR-3s speakers for sale only for pickup in OHIO.


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I have two AR-3 speakers in southwest Ohio for pickup.  I DO NOT KNOW IF THE SPEAKERS WORK.  Please assume they do not work if interested.  I would like $450 for the pair.


Here is my original post with pictures


The buyer backed out on me.  So they are available again.

Thanks Mark

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2 hours ago, lakecat said:

Where are you located in Ohio? I am a little south of Akron. Would like some pics of both cabs with drivers in them so I can determine if worth driving. I like taking projects and saving them. Thanks.

I am located Southeast of Dayton.   I could definitely meet you somewhere if we work something out. 

There should be pictures in the earlier post.  I can't get the one cabinet open because it is nailed shut.  I am not an expert or even a novice on these items.  I pulled these out of my parents house(in Cleveland) and brought them here.

If you need more specific pictures let me know and I can text you some or post here if you don't feel comfortable with texting.

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Hi thanks so much for getting back to me I am pretty interested.
no doubt the speakers will need some work but I hece fix them up in the past

I have a deep love for this model and enjoy bringing them back to life for a future generations to enjoy as well
We are 500 miles apart but I do have a thought. I would be willing to trust you to forward the funds if you would be OK dropping them off at a mailbox place that does packing and shipping which I would pay them to do independently once you brought the speakers there. My name is Dan by the way, nice to meet you

my phone number 609-947-5274 if you’d like to reach out

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First nice to meet you.  I would have to think about the shipping...I have never done that before.  What place do you have in mind for shipping?  I appreciate your trust.  How would you distribute funds?  Paypal?  Sorry just a little out of my element here.


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