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  1. These are still available if anybody is interested. Mark
  2. Dan, First nice to meet you. I would have to think about the shipping...I have never done that before. What place do you have in mind for shipping? I appreciate your trust. How would you distribute funds? Paypal? Sorry just a little out of my element here. Mark
  3. I am located Southeast of Dayton. I could definitely meet you somewhere if we work something out. There should be pictures in the earlier post. I can't get the one cabinet open because it is nailed shut. I am not an expert or even a novice on these items. I pulled these out of my parents house(in Cleveland) and brought them here. If you need more specific pictures let me know and I can text you some or post here if you don't feel comfortable with texting.
  4. Just added an older link to some pictures. They are AR-3s
  5. I have two AR-3 speakers in southwest Ohio for pickup. I DO NOT KNOW IF THE SPEAKERS WORK. Please assume they do not work if interested. I would like $450 for the pair. Here is my original post with pictures The buyer backed out on me. So they are available again. Thanks Mark
  6. I wish I could find the frame but this is all I got. Thank you for the information though
  7. Thank you for the information. Are you seeing other issues. I don't know what type of working conditions these are in(might be bad by your response)
  8. Thank you very much for your reply. The other front of the cabinet is nailed in the frame. Do I just pull the nails out to open it. Sorry I am far from an expert.
  9. Selling these to somebody who now believes these are not original AR-3 speakers. I pulled them out of my parents house and I am no expert. Are there signs of being a replica. Thanks for the help
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