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  1. Hi thanks so much for getting back to me I am pretty interested. no doubt the speakers will need some work but I hece fix them up in the past I have a deep love for this model and enjoy bringing them back to life for a future generations to enjoy as well We are 500 miles apart but I do have a thought. I would be willing to trust you to forward the funds if you would be OK dropping them off at a mailbox place that does packing and shipping which I would pay them to do independently once you brought the speakers there. My name is Dan by the way, nice to meet you my phone number 609
  2. Hi I am interested in these what part of Ohio do you live in I may take a drive A ZIP Code would be great thanks
  3. Hi pretty interesting I am a big fan do you know if they are the threes or three three A’s any pictures would be super helpful really appreciate it
  4. Vintage AR is great Larry has always done me right!
  5. I am quite taken with these as a collector and a bit of a curator . What price do you have in mind for these?
  6. Hello they are beautiful! I am an avid collector of these I would gladly pay 500+ shipping let me know you can reach me at Dan 609-947-5274. Thank you
  7. The speakers are notorious for losing signal at the crossovers in the back you can apply a battery voltage to the tweeter on the front and see if it makes it pop only do this for a second .Also the thin wires coming out of the tweeters are in sanely delicate and hard to connect to just a heads up I highly recommend you connect with Vintage AR they are the best They are located in upstate New York I think they are really really good and honest. They have a lot of listings on eBay
  8. Hello I have AR3 tweeters also a couple of mids bot sure 3 or 3a ynusure all need restoring are you tooled up for that?
  9. You have come to the pinnacle of HIFI affection-ados I am sure if you are a little patient most if not all these items will indeed find loving new homes though these "pages" Hats of to you for doing the right thing If you decide to go the E bay route there are houses that will broker and pack the items for you these days I think only someone who could appreciate it would bid on it so still a good option I d get a few of them, myself if I were not in NJ Dan
  10. Thanks for the input guys really appreciate it!
  11. Sansui power and AR 3 or 3a's ! Heaven indeed I just put together a surround system with AU 9500 AR 3 for fronts AU 5900 AR 3a's for back and powered patner for center Boy oh boy it s great to have~!\ I had a San' receiver growing up and it sounded smashing as well; cant believe I threw it out when it broke (DOH)
  12. I lovingly coated my AR 3's edges with that gasket stuff and then noticing the dust caps seemed to give a breeze when I move the cone I thought" AHA" seal that too, get those pups airtight I did it to My AR 3a's also I took one into my local Hifi repair guy and he rippeed me a new one saying the dust caps are SUPPOSED to leak air? Kills the sound to seal it up? News to me can't seem to google a 'dern thing about this topic Anyone???????? I am stupmed man! D
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