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AR-90 and AR-9 acoustic blanket


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When I see pictures of AR 9 and 90'ies, they almost always are missing the foam inserts around the tweeter and upper MR, that should complete the acoustic blanket around the three drivers in the front. I see even official pictures from AR, where they are missing. Why is that, they obviously was designed with these inserts in place? The last picture is of my 9's, I have made the inserts myself from ½" thick acoustic foam.







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I'm the original owner of my AR9's that I bought when they first came out and they don't have the foam inserts. They never did.

The tweeter has a thin foam pad around it but that's it. And I'm pretty sure the tweeters I replaced at one time and that's why they have the thin foam pad around them.



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When we rebuilt the crossovers for my AR90 we noticed that the tweeter and the mid speakers where about -5db quieter then the mid base drivers.. we couldn't figure why?  Maybe it was because of the inserts placed in the acoustic blanket.  I took mine out. The inserts made those speakers very directional.  We left those inserts out and compensated to make all speakers flat. +/_1.5 db.  

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1 hour ago, PT Doug said:

But when does that apply; to the insert or does that apply to the entire acoustic blanket ?

The entire blanket.  The insert was not always present but the blanket was never not applied during manufacture.  Direct comparison of blanket vs no blanket sound in this thread.


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