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Trading 3as for University 315c drivers

Jim Pearce

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There is a guy here locally that has a pair of refurbished 3as and has dropped the price from 1100 to 800.

I offered a pair of University 315c drivers in great shape in exchange for the Acoustic Research speakers and 300 cash.

Looks like they have Hi Vi.

I have two pairs of three-quarter inch original tweeters that are rebuilt by you know who.

They are 8 ohm, however.

What say you?




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The price of those University speakers shown is absurd. One should never confuse them with coaxial Tannoys or Altecs. I've owned their lightweight siblings, 6303s, a nice, cheap jukebox speaker. They may look like Tannoys from behind, but they sure don't sound like them. 

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I'm going to pass because I have found out that the tweeters are HiVi.

I have two pairs of three-quarter inch rebuilt paper mache originals from Chris.

Anyway, they won't work because they are not 4 ohm I guess.

The ones I have are eight ohms and replacements for AR2 ax.

Also, I'm assuming that the current dividing Network has been changed to allow the aftermarket tweeters.



Admittedly 1700 bucks does sound absurd.

I have seen a pair on a Korean auction site go for $2,000.

I have them listed at 1500 and am waiting....

Have about 600 in them.


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