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how to price and sell my pair of AR9's, AR15's and AR300


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I have a pair of AR9's, a pair of AR15's and the AR300 booster......beautiful charcoal ash colored, excellent condition...I am from the bay area..............I am selling them........I just acquired this beautiful set! and what should I be asking price?

feel free to call or text me 209-447-4517



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Also.. those aren't the classic AR speakers we deal with here and there could be some confusion for potential buyers because apparently whoever owns the AR name has also recycled model numbers. Do a search for "AR 9 speakers" and you will find pictures of walnut veneered acoustic suspension (not ported) behemoths with paper cone drivers.

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49 minutes ago, straightjacket said:

You mean mine are fakes?

Not fakes.  Just not the original classic versions.  Redesigns and reissues from a much later time period.  So unfortunately, your AR's won't have quite the resale value of the more well known earlier models.

Also, I agree with the other post, check eBay.  But only look through Completed Sales.  That'll show what prices auctions actually achieved when sold.

Good luck.

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I have never seen those AR 9 and AR 15 models. Here are my AR 15 speakers from the Teledyne Acoustic Research period (1967-1989).


Since 1989 three different companies have owned the AR brand. Voxx is the current owner and basically makes inexpensive portable bluetooth speakers of which I do own a pair. Would like to find more information on your speakers because they look interesting. With a center channel speaker they may make a nice home theater system. Other companies have also recycled model numbers over the years. I have two Pioneer PL-570 turntables, one from 1977 which I value over $800.00 and one from 1991 I doubt is worth 1/8 that amount.  


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