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AR 2ax With Two Midrange Drivers?

David Cutter

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These are currently on eBay for $489.00. They look owner-modified to me, but seller says they are "All original" in the description.

Any knowledge of such a variant on this model?

Link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/183822223530?ul_noapp=true


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Hi David, if you asked a dedicated AR speaker user of decades long use, my opinion these would be; these speakers have a dated and muted sound.

They'd be hard to handle what is considered a 'current-sound' of music these days. To me, they would typify an older forgotten sound quality that was accepted decades ago and gradually changed across the years. However, if one is not a decerning listener or aware of what music actually sounds like, they might be acceptable.

Case in point after many failures of my original 3a's tweeters in the early 1970's, my purchase of 'Micro-Static' outboard tweeters was not only a relief to finally have the correct and realistic amount of sounding 'highs' but, allowed me to hear music, more the way it is in person or live.

That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

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Hi David, this is a pair of AR2a,  n°17 ... and n° 64 ... , not progressive construction,  probably the oldest speaker from around 1960 and the most recent of around 1963.
Probably the seller confused the type of speakers.
The speakers, although different in terms of production, should sound the same with all the speakers in order.
In my experience, if tweeters are currently playing they are OK (visually they should not have defects on the dome and on the correct correct positioning and fixing), attention to dual midranges, to control (or be insured by the seller) the functioning of all 4 speakers ( easy to burn the coil), the woofers if functioning, but noisy may have suffered the detachment (easily remediable) of the upper and lower ring of masonite.
To ensure sound and correct operation, read the AR3 restoration guide.
I have 2 pairs of these speakers (a couple is the Heathkit clone )I listen to them for many years  and for many hours a day,  and I am very satisfied!

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40 minutes ago, David Cutter said:

Any knowledge of such a variant on this model?

F Marsi and I agree on this one.  If you are after better vintage sound this would be a backward move. Among the 3 ways a properly working 3a,  AR5, 12, 92 would be my suggestion.  12s are rare, 92s are plentiful by comparison.  AR5 is a gem and 12 would be very close.   You would probably need more amplifier to safely enjoy a 3a and they can be expensive by comparison to the others.  JMO


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4 minutes ago, Giorgio AR said:

Ciao David, questa è una coppia di AR2a, n ° 17 ... e n ° 64 ..., non di costruzione progressista, probabilmente il più vecchio oratore del 1960 circa e il più recente del 1963 circa.
Probabilmente il venditore ha confuso il tipo di Altoparlanti.
I diffusori, anche se diversi in termini di produzione, dovrebbero suonare allo stesso modo con tutti i diffusori in ordine.
Secondo la mia esperienza, se i tweeter sono attualmente in riproduzione, sono a posto (visivamente non dovrebbero avere difetti sul domo e sul corretto corretto posizionamento e fissaggio), attenzione ai doppi midrange, per controllare (o essere assicurati dal venditore) il funzionamento di tutti e 4 i diffusori (facile da bruciare la bobina), i woofer se funzionanti, ma potrebbero aver subito il distacco (facilmente rimediabile) dell'anello superiore e inferiore della masonite.
Per garantire un funzionamento corretto e corretto, leggere la guida al restauro AR3.
Ho 2 coppie di questi diffusori (una coppia è il clone di Heathkit). Li ascolto per molti anni e per molte ore al giorno, e sono molto soddisfatto!

Sorry David, I forgot to mention the non-original grilles fabric!


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Hi David

All good comments here. I would only add these observations:

  • They are not AR-2ax. They are AR-2a
  • I have a pair just like those and they're nice, but not worth $500, even with free shipping IMHO
  • On the plus side, they have the aluminum-frame Alnico woofers, which I like.
  • But there are more minuses. The dual, angled mid/tweeters are not the best and the speakers are designed to be placed horizontally (hence the angles). Those red dome tweeters are good when they work but they have a tendency to "pop" off the foam suspension blobs. And as mentioned, the grilles are not correct.

Adams mentioned better alternatives. There are many more. A real 2ax is nice. I believe the 10pi and 11 are also contenders. I love the 91s but they're big. The list could go on and on. You might also consider KLH. The Model Fives are close to the AR-3a in sound, very nice to look at but much less expensive. And a real sleeper that can often be had for $100 or so is the KLH Model Twelve; big, beautiful, room filling sound.


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I'm not really that interested in these speakers...I just thought they were misidentified as 2ax's. I am keeping my eyes open for a some 3's or 3a's at a reasonable price that need some work. Currently there are a pair of original condition 3's for $2899 (!) on CL, as well as some 9LS's for $750.

I am happy with my newly refurbished 2ax and am enjoying their 'vintage' sound. Thanks for all of the suggestions.

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