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HeathKit AS-103 repair questions.


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Hello Everyone,

I have recently picked up a free set of HeathKit AS-103 (AR-3 type?) loud speakers they have original woofers (need recone and surround),

also I beleive aftermarket: Dynaudio D-28 af tweeters, and D-52 af mids. They look to be in great shape. I am looking for replacement cones and surrounds for the woofers.

Has anyone done this repair before? If so where did you find the correct materials. As I am new too this and it seems there are many options, I want to ensure I get the right recone kit the first time. 

Thanks for any and all feedback. The woofer marking on the back are         401155   4 ohms AR



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New pics!
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They are the same speaker components and crossover as the AR3a. Just different cabinets and grill covers. Post a picture of the uncovered AS-103's so we may see what mid-ranges and tweeters they have. Very good speakers and quite a find. They most likely can be put back to near original. 

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I have three pairs of these speakers. If you follow the AR3a guide that is here, you will be fine. There is not a lot of choices. My question would be how experienced are you with redoing speakers? You will have to probably remove and clean the pots.....replace the caps.....and of course rewire the correct drivers....plus the new surrounds on the woofers.

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Welcome BurnFX!

Nice find! The Heathkit cabinets may be somewhat nicer than the ARs.

Question: Are you sure you need to re-cone the woofers and not just re-foam? Re-coning will change the sound and may not be worth it. Just sayin'

Many members recommend Rick Cobb (ebay seller looneytune2001} for foam surrounds. Ask for the "filled fillet" style surrounds. I also recommend shims and dust caps for the best repair and ask for the white water-based glue--NOT the solvent based stuff. Or use Aleene's Tacky Glue.

You are lucky to have those Dynaudio drivers. They are excellent "may" work well in your 103s. If not, you can sell them to get $$ for AR drivers. The D28s have sold for as much as $279/pair (used) and there are D52s on ebay now for $175 each.

When looking for new drivers, remember the AR-3a, 10pi and 11 all used the same mid so you have some flexibility in shopping. Post a "Wanted" ad (free) in our For Sale/Wanted section and you might get lucky. I went with Hi-Vi tweets. You could source original 3a tweets but they are mostly failing. Your Dynaudio tweets "may" work (see what RoyC says) or maybe see if member Chris1This1 has any rebuilt 3a tweets for sale.

IIRC, the Heathkit pots were superior to the corrosion magnets used by AR so you are probably in good shape there.

Of course, you'll want new capacitors.

I'm attaching the Heathkit AS103 Assembly Manual and be sure to consult the AR-3a restoration guide: http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/library/acoustic_research/original_models_1954-1974/original_models_schematicss/restoring_the_ar-3a/

Good luck and keep us posted!



Heathkit AS103 Assembly Manual.pdf

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