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  1. Don’t forget to make sure the polarity is correct on the woofers. If one is accidentally wired backwards, these out of phase woofers will cancel each other’s bass out.
  2. I would choose to keep the speaker loaded with drivers it was originally intended to use. AR3a's came mainly with the ceramic woofer, and as you know, some early AR3a's had the alnico woofer. If i was in the market for a pair of AR3a's, I'd be more interested in the condition and originality of the pair for an unrestored pair. For a restored pair, the quality of the restoration is the most important thing. All that considered heavily before looking for a specific alnico loaded or ceramic loaded pair. On the other hand, if i came across an alnico pair met the above criteria, i would low key be more excited about the purchase since they are more unique and rare.
  3. In an application with a lower crossover point such as the AR3a or LST, I can confirm this since I have tried, there is not much of a difference in the audible low end of things. However, when the ceramic is used in a higher crossed over woofer application like the AR3, you can hear a very audible difference. To me, the Alnico, as it was intended to have more upper bass let through than the ceramic version, will blend seamlessly in the system, where when a ceramic woofer was installed in an AR3, it sticks out like a sore thumb with a certain ringing and harshness, not blending well with the midrange components of the system. So basically, the alnico is forward comparable with most AR 12" woofer speakers, but the ceramic is not backward compatible with the systems intended for an alnico woofer in my opinion.
  4. Hey Glenn, I was about to ask you where you got the Saran from, you beat me to it, thanks. The mids have been taken care of, agreed, they were useless prior. Believe it or not, the LST’s are currently shelved, in the back room but still wired to the amp. They were removed from the main room due to the sheer size and non optimal placement, in a room much smaller then they were intended for. It made the room look crowded and having 3a’s take their place, and now 3’s, I do not feel I am missing anything due to the room constraints and it seems the smaller speakers compliment the room better aesthetically. Sonically, when I went from the LST’s to 3a’s in that location, I didn’t perceive anything was missing, but with the 3’s taking the place of the 3a’s, I notice some differences throughout the entire spectrum. Everything felt quicker and faster to respond. Also and another thing... I noticed a similar effect when I switched to the Fisher 400c preamp. To describe this, I can attempt to say that a certain compression was lessened, and there was more “contrast” to the sound, like the “black background” was moved further away. I feel it’s probably less speaker related and more synergy with the amp at this point, but I am still figuring it out. Anyway, I am planning on attending the Peekskill meet, and up in the air with what to demo. Chris
  5. Thanks folks, so general consensus would be mid 60’s. Pierre, those stands are the JBL JS120 set currently available at the major retailers.
  6. Dean, if for some reason in the future I would be required to remove a mid from the AR3’s, I’d conduct this experiment. At this point, I’d rather not disturb them.
  7. Dean, I never went through with the conversion as I originally inquired about above, so I don’t have the two like speaker systems to compare. I currently have this new to me pair of AR3’s and a minty pair of late production AR3a’s, in the original configuration with rebuilt tweeters. I sold the second pair of AR3a’s I was planning on converting. Unfortunately I won’t be able to shed any light on the subject of midrange drivers when used in the AR3 application. Chris
  8. David, it’s a standard Dynaco build. I haven’t done any long term listening with it yet with the 3’s. When I get a better feel of it I will report back. I can say, when I had a pair of 3a’s in that same setup, it did drive them well, and livened up the mids and treble, while maintaining a good bass balance and speed at reasonable volumes. Its early for me to say, but initially I don’t think the Dynaco can control the 3’s woofer as well as it did with the 3a’s.
  9. Hello all, picked up this pair last week, got very lucky on the auction site. Was listed locally to me, but very ugly under the grills. What sold me was that each speaker still had the original mid, the most unobtainable driver, and considering i had AR3 tweeters and woofers already on hand, I went for it. They came equipped with some AB tech replacement tweeters, and later AR11 style woofers. Also AR3a style grills, fit with the original badges and pins. No modifications to the cabinets but a very sloppy looking seal job with two different types of silicone sealant. Everything cleaned up well, and the cabinets are in amazing condition. After restoring the pots, recapping the crossover, restoring the mids, and installing the AR3 woofers and tweeters, I am thrilled. An amazingly lifelike, lively sounding speaker system. These things are "quick" if that makes any sense. Back to the point. I left the mids installed during the entire process, so i did not get a chance to look for a date stamp, and since those were the only original drivers left, no luck looking for stamps on the woofers or tweeters. I am assuming these are later in production, but any ideas on a timeframe?
  10. I agree that spacing on the Heathkit could different. They fit in the typical AR installations, as pictured in a pair or AR3's, with about 1/8' to spare. ?‍♂️
  11. Thanks Glenn, that would be the plan should I go forward with this. I am reluctant since although with the crossover mods, I am still locked into using an AR3a mid. Wondering how close it would sound with the mods to an actual AR3 mid.
  12. I ask if anyone has compared the sound of the AR3a mid, used in an AR3 application using the last AR3 crossover iteration when the AR3 was sold using the AR3a mid. I have a spare pair of AR3a’s, as well as my main pair, both original with ceramic woofers and 3/4” tweeters. I have a loose pair of alnico woofers, and phenolic tweeters. I am contemplating converting the spare pair from AR3a to AR3, while still using the AR3a mid. This is merely an experiment since I have most of the parts at my disposal, no complaints on the AR3a sound, just want to do a comparison since I have never owned AR3’s, just worked on them for clients. I mainly would like to get opinions on justifying the effort without having the proper AR3 mid, but having everything else.
  13. Jim, If you still have your original but it is not working, I do offer a rebuild service. Please PM me if interested.
  14. Great opportunity to make mirrored front baffles during the resto....
  15. Hello, I just restored a pair of AR4x speakers, and one of the fixes was to repair a separated tweeter cone from the edge of the basket. I’m sure I am not the only one who encountered this problem, so it might be a good place to start to troubleshoot the bad speaker.
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