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  1. I have spent several years as suggested to me to come up with my own formula but unlike your self I am just supposed to "Give it up" ??? I guess your time is more valuable than mine??? You do see the hypocrisy correct??? I have publicly stated it is based on the original combination of butyl rubber and toluene, Just as you have. So why is it that I do basically the same thing you did but because it's me and not you I am "playing around with a plate of goo" and "demanding you divulge the formula" I didn't demand anything. I asked for you to tell, The same as you "asked" me. Yes I hav
  2. 1) What type of rubber is it? Is it butyl rubber, like the original? Yes 2)What solvent do you use to thin your material? Is it toluene, like the original? Yes 3)Is the material applied as a liquid? Your material appears to be quite viscous and stringy. Yes (The video is without the toluene) Also your stuff is just as viscous and stringy. I can do a side by side video if you like? As for testing I have not got that far. I have been working on making it. As for what it is, I asked here a few years ago and was told that they didn't want to say because they put
  3. I totally agree with testing. This is going to be a LONG process. It will be at least a year if not 2 before I will say it is ready. I am just having fun doing it. I have a pair of KLH 24's that need sealed real bad. I only paid $5.00 for them so they are the first test dummy. Then I will see how they work over time.
  4. Because when I am done testing it you will be able to buy the ingredients and have enough on hand to do 100 speakers for slightly more than Roy charges for one.
  5. I have been working on my own compound for re-doping my KLH and AR Speakers. Here is what I have made. It is a rubber based compound that never hardens at all. This stuff has been sitting out in the open air for over 2 months and still has the consistency of snot lol. I don't see any reason it will not work great on our speakers. Look at my video of it. The still pic of it shows how it settles back to level after being touched. Oh and it is REAL cheap to make. I can make enough to do 100 speakers for the price of the stuff on ebay. https://youtu.be/EtasqoUBFVM
  6. I like the Ebay ones best. The Facebook ones look like one of the mids was replaced. Plus at this point the Ebay ones are cheaper. But keep in mind you will most likely need to refurbish them. New caps in my opinion are a must. I got lucky and picked mine up at an estate sale for the princely sum of $10.00! After fixing them I have $85 in the pair. Good luck hunting
  7. DonT

    New Veneer?

    I also have a pair of AR 2A's. They would look amazing in Rosewood but the veneer is to nice on them. I just couldn't do that to a beautiful original pair of speakers.
  8. DonT

    New Veneer?

    The corners on mine look like this. That is why I want to re-veneer them.
  9. DonT

    New Veneer?

    I have to say I got real lucky with the Rosewood. I got enough to do 10 pairs of speakers in just that. You would be shocked at the amount of veneer I got at this sale.
  10. DonT

    New Veneer?

    If you are going to re-veneer them from what I have been reading the wood workers say actual car bondo is best. If you are just trying to make it look better then I truly don't know myself?
  11. DonT

    New Veneer?

    I was going to attempt to veneer the front trim as well. That part should be easier because it is solid wood as far as I can tell.
  12. I agree on passing those by. The surround on one woofer look wrong as well. They should be cloth and it looks like someone used Advant surrounds on them. Here is my originals
  13. DonT

    New Veneer?

    On a side note, It is a real shame that Brazilian Rosewood has been harvested to almost extension. Every one should be able to experience the smell! There is nothing like it. It really smells like roses but stronger and in my opinion BETTER!
  14. DonT

    New Veneer?

    I have a pair of model Fives and they need new veneer. I lucked out and picked up 11 rolls of veneer at an estate sale cheap. I know this wouldn't be original but I got 4 rolls of Brazilian Rosewood in this lot. I have always thought it is one of the best looking woods out there. Should I go back to walnut because I got nice rolls of it to or put the beautiful Rosewood on? Rosewood
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