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  1. Do you know which resistors they might be,as I notice there are about 6-8 of them in the crossover,or do I just start checking the resistors with an ohm meter to see if they are bad?I assume what I’m hearing now out of the tweeters is probably the 0 setting on the lever position?Thanks.Both speakers have the same high frequency lever setting problem.
  2. I recently re-capped my A.R. 90s. They sound very nice, and both lower mid range and upper mid range levers on the back work as they should. The tweeter levers however Don’t seem to change the tweeter levels. I have a good tweeter sound output,but the tweeter levers on the back don’t have any affect.I’m pretty sure all my internal wiring of new caps is correct. Anyone have any possible suggestions? Thank you
  3. Tommycat68


    Hello.I am looking for a pair of tweeters for the KLH model 23 speakers.If anyone has any information on where to locate a pair,it would be much appreciated!Regards,Tom
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