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  1. As a serious collector, it took years to come up with undimpled/ un damaged domed drivers. This is the remaining one of two I bought years ago. The other went out with my original Allison Ones sold off in 2012.
  2. Listening without fatigue is an “Allison Trademark” so to speak! First off, I would keep them, if I were you…. They’ve got problems, but the good news is only six drivers. With only 2 tweeters, restoration and maintenance is less daunting then the Allison’s with multiple driver arrays. Usable, viable Allison drivers have never been tougher to come up with than today. A proper seal of the cabinet is essential to optimum bass response. That’s why the missing midrange hardware is so important. The midrange doesn’t rely on the internal airspace of the cabinet because it’s a pulsating dome and sealed to the outside, but the woofer does. I would bet the farm that if you take the woofer out of that cabinet and fish around on the bottom, you will find the threaded “T nut” that holds the machine screw for the midrange driver. It may even be stuck on the woofer magnet 🧲 when it pushed out. Plastic wood can restore the area where the T nut goes, or Home Depot actually carries them. Tweeters still work? Mashed. If they do, there are little tricks to subtly pull the domes out to be reasonable esthetically. You can pull out gently with a piece of tape, or pierce it with a needle, and pull out gently then seal it with a spot of glue.
  3. Best of luck to you. You’re starting price IMHO (Ebay) is High by 500.00. You can get some tips and advice from here if you’re serious about unloading them…also looks like a missing screw on one midrange. Am I seeing that correctly?
  4. I understand now where you’re coming from regarding the “sag”! An Allison user on another forum had concerns about the midrange sagging out of alignment (age related). He made a project out of flipping all of his 180 degrees to counteract this. I felt personally, it was a case in point of overthinking a potential issue. ….that with normal use they would be just fine. That being said, nothing lasts forever…. With yours I would think similarly, in that the woofers excursion is upward when operating, so sagging shouldn’t be an issue. Rigidity is something else, where by the spider cloth gets weak with age, the woofer is free to travel farther than it’s design was intended, having only the surround to keep it in check.
  5. Could you elaborate on what you mean regarding “spider sag”? I have been a bug on Allison spiders within the woofers for years. I have a lot of experience, going after aging spiders in these drivers. For most, the thinking seems to be to just refoam the speaker and you’re good. That’s ok if a driver is perhaps 15 years old or even more. But if it’s 43 years old, you should think again. The spider can LOOK fine, but they lose compliance over the years, making it easier to bottom out. The surround and the spider work together to keep the excursion in check.
  6. Sure! That’s the predecessor to the AL 130. I’ll post some pics later when I have them handy. The AL 130 has a 4 driver 3 way configuration with dual push pull woofers and the same basic mids and tweets as in the 130. Too bad those drivers are pretty mashed in…..typical average condition of these old guys unfortunately.
  7. Nice! To This day I’ve never had the chance to compare the LST’s to my IC20’s
  8. Frank, That is an amazing story and historical accounting (I loved the photograph!) I do “travel” quite a bit lighter than yourself, especially because we are contemplating a move possibly in the next year or so. My gear constantly evolves and when it does, the older is either used up, sold off or both.
  9. I was one of those who went from the 60 WPC AR to the phase 400/2000 preamp back in 77. Everything about not enough juice came to an end, requiring only a common sense level of discretion. I’ve stayed with Bob Carver designs right up to the here and now with Sunfire Signature. I swapped the 400 after over 11 years of service for Carver’s 1.0t
  10. https://groups.io/ there is your link…through there, you will find that Allison group
  11. Hopefully, he’s still with us….last time I spoke to him he was in the office 20 years ago clearing it out after the failed attempt to get the company up again. Somewhere around that time he had a heart attack, but was recovering. The real story lies with anything and everything ROY ALLISON. You should join the Allison Speakers group (Groups.io) you’ll have to look it up on the search engine, but some of the last who are knowledgeable about RA are still there.
  12. That’s easy! When you “save this search” worldwide is in the filters list. No big deal really…a pair mostly from Italy pops up occasionally. I did once have a nice chat with somebody across the pond because of that. You might be interested in reading my thread about the IC20’s in original boxes for 20 years! If you read that, you’ll discover I’m no stranger to Allison’s push/pull configuration. Scroll down the Allison Topics list and you will see it
  13. That information was never a matter of public record to my knowledge. David Faulkner was the name of the investor that funded and attempted to restart the company way back in 2000.
  14. LOL is right! I was thinking about this a bit, then realized in the past year or two, I saw a couple of the hardcore guys that I thought would never let go, part with their prized systems. That’s why I maintain an ongoing (world wide) Ebay Allison search. I’m not in need, but it’s fun to keep an eye out.
  15. The answer you received from eminence was incorrect actually….Allison Acoustics was originally building their own drivers, though towards the end they were outsourced, (not familiar with that detail). The timing yes. Getting anything from the company became a nightmare around 1999. Restarting the company came and went with failure and is now fading from memory, except for those of us who were young enough and saw it coming. There is NO huge cult of fanatics out there clamoring for Allison. Just a small group of hardcores keeping an eye 👁 out.
  16. Lol!….well it appears you’ll have a blast playing around with the cabs no matter what creation you come up with (tinkering is your passion.)
  17. I lived with both the 2a and 2ax just like that neither toed in. The distance between was the only thing I played around with on the 2ax. The 2a’s we’re Always planted in furniture
  18. Many?? I’ve never seen a flat surround in 44 years of being at this (just sayin’) maybe some clarification
  19. newandold

    Sad news

    Sorry to hear this…we were two weeks apart in age
  20. That’s a tough sale, but EBay is where you will get the most exposure. RA had no real involvement with the NL series, but they were quite good actually. I have several of the main NL systems, but no hands on experience with the subs.
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