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  1. Great pictures! Thank you for the additional information
  2. Please post clear pictures of the woofers with the grills removed....Have they been refoamed? The other tweeter... is the dome damaged like the one pictured?
  3. Two years later (as I knew full well) nothing ever came of this. It’s a noble thought.....but unobtainable, though a few have kicked the idea around. Bill
  4. Congratulations! Those 3a’s appear to be beautifully restored. I wouldn’t be overly concerned about the roll radius unless you’re noticing an issue with the bass at high volume levels, when the movement really gets going. The main concern I have with woofers as old as these is the compliance of the spiders. Often overlooked, they may appear fine and uncracked. However, if the compliance is significantly down from the original specs then they could more easily bottom out then when new. The smoothest bass comes from the spider and the surround working in unison to maintain contro
  5. Your friend needs to be a better friend to you! You have to dig them out of some basement, they weren’t his, you can’t test them and you have to haggle?? Just watch me leave skid marks going the OTHER way! (Just sayin) Bill
  6. The one saving grace is The entertainment value. I mean, I do get a kick out of some of the sellers (and you become familiar with them after a while. Their M.O. is the same all the time, And much of their stuff just sits there forever.
  7. Months?!? Wow....you’ve been monitoring this one I see.... selling quick is all about being brutally honest. Lots of pictures, and if you as a seller don’t know something for sure, let it be known in your advertisement. Oh well, I love buying, But I hate selling, a necessary evil at times.For what it’s worth, the last pair of speakers I sold off, went out of here in one week.
  8. Ah Ha..... In one ☝️ post you’ve exposed the seller for what he is. A seller who’s hiding nothing would not respond to anyone like that!
  9. Follow up… After reading what some of the experts say here that I trust. I still like the five, but maybe not this pair! Bill
  10. If I were in the market for such a speaker, I would buy them in an instant. The five was a brand new system back when I received a pair a brand new AR 2AX . They were a gift from my parents and beggars can’t be choosers. LOL, once I really got into this and started to read up on AR, I became intrigued by the five and realized if I was going out shopping back then the five is the one I would have bought. Bill
  11. Yes.....are you planning on testing the limits?
  12. The perfect condition of those tweeters and midrange units is a big plus for selling (all working, correct)? Rare to see on what’s left of used Allison’s these days....always mashed in drivers with the “but it doesn’t affect the sound” proclamation! Less hassle to sell and better price if you have the woofers restored first. Bill
  13. Ebay is your best bet to find Two way Allison tweeters for the Six (even in Italy 🇮🇹). I maintain a worldwide search purely out of curiosity.
  14. http://www.millersound.net/contact-bill-legall-millersound.html Woofer can be restored.....This is my favorite go to....
  15. Great! Let me know if any of those pages are a problem for you. That manual was an extraordinary gift from my brother....did not come with the speakers. After all this time I have to ask him to remind me (must have been Ebay) where it came from. That is an original I’m pretty sure, and if true, must be as rare as the speakers themselves.
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