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  1. Yes.....are you planning on testing the limits?
  2. The perfect condition of those tweeters and midrange units is a big plus for selling (all working, correct)? Rare to see on what’s left of used Allison’s these days....always mashed in drivers with the “but it doesn’t affect the sound” proclamation! Less hassle to sell and better price if you have the woofers restored first. Bill
  3. Ebay is your best bet to find Two way Allison tweeters for the Six (even in Italy 🇮🇹). I maintain a worldwide search purely out of curiosity.
  4. http://www.millersound.net/contact-bill-legall-millersound.html Woofer can be restored.....This is my favorite go to....
  5. Great! Let me know if any of those pages are a problem for you. That manual was an extraordinary gift from my brother....did not come with the speakers. After all this time I have to ask him to remind me (must have been Ebay) where it came from. That is an original I’m pretty sure, and if true, must be as rare as the speakers themselves.
  6. Doug, Why not invest instead in a REAL subwoofer, proportional to whichever model Allison you’re driving. This “gadget” was pretty much the only Allison product I ever parted company with.....especially now, with the Average Allison woofer being over 40 years old, the last thing (I would think) one would want to do is to drive it harder than ever.....Unless you have done a rebuild that INCLUDES the spider. A fully restored Allison driver is an excellent piece, and superior to many others but no match for a TRUE subwoofer driver. Bill
  7. Kids poking anything and everything into speakers is an age old story. Seen many speakers in stores with display models mashed in by kids with nothing better to do I suppose. Needless to say it’s the responsibility of the parents to keep curiosity in check and that can’t always be done. Allison tried one thing before the screens that did little to help. That was the pins on the bezels of the last tweeters before the screens. I had original Allison’s for 35 years before my newest versions and never once had one with a dent.
  8. I’ve heard them called “damping rings” also, although I see little in the way they might affect the sound. Nonetheless, all my woofers have them, including the sub.
  9. Multiple listings now on EBay that work in the Six
  10. Upgrade that receiver (too old to integrate streaming capability with any sense of practicality) My Allison’s are 33 years young, but my processor, came down the pike in 2014. I use 4 streamers with it, depending on what’s convenient at that moment, iPhone, iPod, Sony Blu-ray player, or Amazon Firestick. And yes WiFi will net you better audio than Bluetooth. Bill
  11. What I found out is that it is a set of speakers....It's a surround system consisting of 4 AV 200s, the AV 202 Center Channel and The AV 4 subwoofer.  I looked each up individually.  No rave reviews but neither is there anything on how they perform together.  Thank you for the referral to groups.io.  I've signed up and will post as soon as I'm accepted.


  12. Go here..... https://groups.io/ Look up the Allison Speakers group and sign up.....There are a few (one in particular) who can tell you everything you want to know about those. PS....those links you posted are not working! Bill
  13. Long done with record playing and tossed my turntable in the trash, but before I did that, I salvaged my Shibata stylus Stanton 681EEE, cartridge and gave to a friend who’s got “the bug” like you guys and here it is....the picture he sent me in its resurrected form.
  14. That’s wonderful news, especially finding out that the simplest answer was the correct one! I’ve always had a special interest in The LST.....with its wide dispersion design.....”cousin” to a number of Roy Allison’s later designs. Bill
  15. For sure, but clear pictures with the covers off are needed. As much history as possible about your pair (all drivers working or not, surrounds replaced (or not), etc. There is a pair on EBay at the moment if you want to get some idea. Bill
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