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  1. What I found out is that it is a set of speakers....It's a surround system consisting of 4 AV 200s, the AV 202 Center Channel and The AV 4 subwoofer.  I looked each up individually.  No rave reviews but neither is there anything on how they perform together.  Thank you for the referral to groups.io.  I've signed up and will post as soon as I'm accepted.


  2. Go here..... https://groups.io/ Look up the Allison Speakers group and sign up.....There are a few (one in particular) who can tell you everything you want to know about those. PS....those links you posted are not working! Bill
  3. Long done with record playing and tossed my turntable in the trash, but before I did that, I salvaged my Shibata stylus Stanton 681EEE, cartridge and gave to a friend who’s got “the bug” like you guys and here it is....the picture he sent me in its resurrected form.
  4. That’s wonderful news, especially finding out that the simplest answer was the correct one! I’ve always had a special interest in The LST.....with its wide dispersion design.....”cousin” to a number of Roy Allison’s later designs. Bill
  5. For sure, but clear pictures with the covers off are needed. As much history as possible about your pair (all drivers working or not, surrounds replaced (or not), etc. There is a pair on EBay at the moment if you want to get some idea. Bill
  6. Here’s a bit of “remember when” regarding that tweeter. When it first appeared from Allison Acoustics back in the 1970’s, a brand new factory replacement could be ordered and shipped to you from the Natick Mass. factory (along with near bulletproof packaging) for the same price (around 35 bucks)! No metal screens though....they had not come up with those yet! Bill
  7. Yes I have seen many posts about this corrosion problem during the last 24 years or so, that I’ve followed Allison on the web. I believe there is no one single factor that makes it happen with SOME of these tweeters that have the metal screens. (I started out in 1977 with no screens). The screens were the “improved” protection that came roughly 10 years after the introduction of the original lineup. High humidity where the speakers are used is the catalyst IMHO. Perhaps that compound like you said, or a touch of rusty corrosion between that screen and the wire, but no one knows for sure. Rust on the screw heads is an indicator of where they’ve been. Bill
  8. https://www.simplyspeakers.com/acoustic-research-replacement-woofer-12100032.html Based on reviews only, it was hard to find anyone displeased with this alternative if needed.
  9. Roy was such a good guy and is sorely missed. Very nice story and typical of the way things were done when things were going well in Natick.
  10. The website looks great....looks like you’ve got your place....From the posts on this I’ve read to date, it appears you’re going to need them. Bill
  11. I’ve been collecting original spares on EBay for years....but you have to be very careful with whom you’re dealing. That being said, and especially that it’s a 3A, it would be best to have that original rebuilt. I have used Bill Legall’s Millersound in Landsdale PA and also Simply Speakers in FL. Surely there are a few guys here with some suggestions of their own Bill
  12. Yes swapping the woofer is one of the best ways to be sure. The woofer is very old and the trip may have been just enough to shake up a voice coil that was already on the way out. Fortunately if that’s the case a woofer for that system can still be had. The seller may also work with you to some extent on some credit. I was once faced with a situation like that and the seller gave me some credit towards the repair. Bill
  13. The terminal end is most common. but for sure follow the lead continuity to the coil.
  14. Could be a bad solder from the voice coil to the cone. I wasn’t able to open the video unfortunately.
  15. The A1’s appear to be in outstanding condition! Most of the Allisons that come up for sale these days are sad to look at....beat up and such.
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