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  1. What is it that you don't like about the new "recapped" sound? I have recapped my AR90s with Mundorf white poly caps (the basic cheapest ones) and I'm very satisfied with the sound. I only had to attenuate the UMR drivers by 3dBs to tune them to my room.
  2. "TT" on that badge are not two letters T together - it is actually the symbol π (Pi)
  3. My pair of AR17 have the porous textile dust caps (over the flat paper ones), which I believe are the original.
  4. These are the amplifiers that I have tried with my AR-90s: Kenwood LA-1a : http://www.thevintageknob.org/kenwood-L-01A.html Kenwood KA-907: http://www.thevintageknob.org/kenwood-KA-907.html Sansui Au alpha 707DR: http://audio-database.com/SANSUI/amp/au-alpha707dr-e.html Mission Cyrus 3 + PSX-R Exposure 3010S2 Exposure XXV (original Exposure by John Farlowe) Forte Audio Model 1 by Nelson Pass Yamaha P3500S (pro amp, 2x590W @ 4 ohm) some big Bedini monster power amp ... ... and I have decided to keep the Cyrus Two with PSX PSU.
  5. I'm powering my AR-90 speakers with Mission Cyrus Two amp with external PSX power supply. It is a high current amp and I'm very satisfied with this combination. http://www.cyrusaudio.com/support/legacy-products/integrated-amplifiers/2-integrated-amplifier-all-versions
  6. I plan to listen to my AR-90s for a long time , so I have used film caps all the way because of their longevity (only the 350uF caps are NPE). This option is more expensive, but I will never have to recap again (except maybe for the 350uF).
  7. I have used the plain Mundorf MCaps (not Evo) in my AR-90 restoration and I'm very pleased with them.
  8. AR 90 + Mission Cyrus Two with PSX power supply. http://www.cyrusaudio.com/product-archive/amps/2-integrated-amplifier-all-versions
  9. AR 30BF and 30BS, 33BX... etc.. (we have AR30BF in our son's room) AR 33 BX: :
  10. I must admit that I always liked those intricate wood grilles. How do/did they sound?
  11. Thanks! I still can't figure out if some sonic "quality" exists that is specific to drivers with bad ferro fluid... How to figure out if my AR90 drivers need servicing just by listening, without having to cut them open?
  12. Thanks! If I understood this correctly, output from UMR drivers and tweeters can (only?) be reduced if the ferro fluid is dried out? This is certainly not the case with my AR90s. After recapping with modern poly caps, I had to permanently reduce the UMR drivers output by 3dB ...and they still can sound unpleasant and shrill on poorly produced recordings.
  13. I was wondering exactly the same thing! I have a few pairs of ARs and my main speakers are AR90. They seem OK to me, but maybe I'm missing something? How do we know for sure if something is wrong? What are your experiences? How would you describe the sound of AR9/90/91/92 speakers with UMR drivers and tweeters with bad ferro fluid? .
  14. Can you unmount and disconnect the tweeters and measure the resistance across their + and - terminals? This is the only way to be 100% sure that the tweeters are really bad. If I remember correctly, UMR drivers and tweeters in my AR90 speakers (same as in AR9) measured in the 3.3 - 3.8 Ohm range. Readings much lower than that could mean that there is a short between some voice coil windings, caused by wire insulation melting as a result of overheating. If you get no reading at all, that means that the tweeter's voice coil is open. The first thing that I do when I buy used speakers, is to take
  15. I made them myself, used exacto knife and scissors to cut them from computer mouse pads. I have peeled off the top plastic layer with pretty pictures! Before and after:
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