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Who made the AR ?

Aung Kyaw

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Der Mr,
May I want to know !
I have seen many AR online, some are made in USA, some are msde in Europe, some are made in Poland and some are made in England.
So, I mean; which made is the original ?
How different !
Which is the best ?
Acturally, I want to buy the Acoustic Research Status S 40, that is made in Europe and Poland. So, which is the origin,please ?
The ARs is made in Europe and Poland are different qualty or not ! 
Please help me !

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Hi Aung the sad news is the current AR Product is a shell of its former self anything after the mid 90s dont bother just search for vintage acoustic research try this libary to look up models of the loudspeakers

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Welcome Aung

As nefertem said, modern "AR" speakers are not real ARs. The S40 for example is made by Audiovox. They bought the name, but those are NOT true AR speakers.

Here is a link to the Library, where you can read up on all of the "real" AR speakers: Those made in Massachusetts and England by Acoustic Reseach and the later ones made by Teledyne: http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/library/acoustic_research/

Good luck with your quest!


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