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Looking for a pair of AR-3a grill frames.


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Hi All,

I need these for my current 3 restoration. 3a frames fit better than original 3 plastic frames that are difficult to recover with Saran, and insert and remove. 3a frames can be held in with velcro. I haven't decided if I'm going with original style Saran, or use linen from 123 stitch. Either way, 3a grills will work better. My first set of 3's have 3a grills and they look and fit great.

Thanks in advance.

Cheers, Glenn

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18 hours ago, DavidDru said:

You dont want to just make some?

I was thinking along these lines as well.

if interested Glenn, I am trying to put together a wardrobe of sorts for grilles so depending on décor, mood, season etc. the grilles can be changed simply.

My fave is the saran types.

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