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What could these be ?


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Always good to check the;

o - Library or

o - Site Map

from the menu

- The Classic Speaker Pages Home Page (Left of "Forums" on this page).

Lots of information :)

Go to the Library in the Main page menu, look for;
Acoustic Research
Connoisseur Series
Connoisseur Series Series Brochures
Connoisseur Series Brochure (Printed in England)

A shortcut to the speaker is;

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I have the 30, but it's not the 30BF. These weren't sold in the US, as far as I can tell.

In mine, the woofer has no ribs in the cone. The tweeter looks similar, but does have the AR logo.

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My first thought is that it was part of the BX series. This pic shows the 25BXI, which looks mighty similar to yours, just a tad shorter. I think there was also a 33BX, 44BX, etc. Not exactly sure which were two-ways and which were three-ways, and I believe many of these models were available only in the Euro market.


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After looking at ra.ra's post, and having another look in the Library, I think I will have to change my "suggestion" ;-) .

Could it be the AR28 BXi



25 - 8 inch woofer - Large (relative) Dust cap

28 - 10 inch woofer - Small Dust cap, in picture.


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