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  1. Attached is a pdf with 2 picture of an AR90 side cover and its dimensions. The first shows the two components of the cover. The second shows the dimensions I measured on a pencil "pressing". The two plastic parts of the grille have separated (they appear to have been glued together). The two parts are rebated into each other providing a secure location mechanism. There are 4 screws holding them together (screws placed near screw holes in pic). Hope this helps AR90 side cover dimensions.pdf
  2. Hi AR-Pro I think AR must have had the same thought. You will probably remember that while Ken worked at AR he produced the AR 338, it had an 8" woofer and similar looking units to those you mention for the mid and Tweeter but different. Perhaps that woofer would be a good prospect for the project, if you can obtain two from the remnants of AB Tech demise. The cabinet dimensions and type/quantity of fill are already specified The crossover for the 338 might also be a good starting point. The following is from the CSP archives and provides a review of the unit. http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/library/acoustic_research/ar_303_series/ar_303_series_other/ar_302_and_338_review_by_da.pdf I like the 338. R
  3. After looking at ra.ra's post, and having another look in the Library, I think I will have to change my "suggestion" ;-) . Could it be the AR28 BXi http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/library/acoustic_research/special_sections/ar_uk_related_information/brochures/ar_uk_bxi_lsi_brochure/ar_uk_bxi_lsi_brochure_pg7.html#previous-photo http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/library/acoustic_research/special_sections/ar_uk_related_information/brochures/ar_uk_bxi_lsi_brochure/ar_uk_bxi_lsi_brochure_pg10.html#previous-photo 25 - 8 inch woofer - Large (relative) Dust cap 28 - 10 inch woofer - Small Dust cap, in picture.
  4. Always good to check the; o - Library or o - Site Map from the menu - The Classic Speaker Pages Home Page (Left of "Forums" on this page). Lots of information Go to the Library in the Main page menu, look for; Acoustic Research Connoisseur Series Connoisseur Series Series Brochures Connoisseur Series Brochure (Printed in England) A shortcut to the speaker is; http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/library/acoustic_research/connoisseur_series/connoisseur_series_brochure/connoisseur_series_brochure_2/connoisseur_series_pg2.html
  5. Hi ra.ra A few notes that may assist. From the attached schematic the switch connections appear consistent with a 3 position (on.off,on) switch. You can check the resistors/switch by measuring the resistances (0,3,6 Ohms) as shown in the pdf. (With the tweeter removed.) I had a quick check of my AR6 with the parallel R/C components, like you, I could not hear a significant difference between the "normal" and "decrease" settings. I have also attached a picture of a spacer under my Spider AND my Surround. R AR6-3 position switch-Zobel-rara .pdf
  6. Hello Kim, Thank you for picking up the discrepancy. From talking to RoyC. " The junction of the two coils (one parallel and the other series) with the mid cap is the same in the AR-3a and 3a Limited. In the 3a it all happens on the -ive side of the circuit, and in the 3a Limited it happens on the +ive side. I have never seen them on opposite sides of the circuit as shown in the CSP AR-11 schematic... though it should sound the same" Hope this helps.
  7. Hello David, Attached is a pdf of the AR foam grill mentioned by Tom Tyson. The grill was multi-purpose and used on all 4 models, as Tom said You can see " there were portions that were milled-out to be thinner where the mid and tweeter units were located". Making a duplicate may be difficult in foam. I prepared the pdf a while ago, I think it is ok. (note the picture of the foam is the same picture rotated - interesting) R <<<<<<Amendment.>>>>>> I rechecked the length of foam - it measures 51.5 cm. I will need to recheck the centres of the tweeters.(may vary by 0.5-1.0cm). AR10pi,11,14 Foam Grille.pdf
  8. I don't think this AR338 Brochure is on the site. I had to reduce the size and therefore the quality of the pdf, sorry. R 338noEnv (small).pdf
  9. Bret provided a corrected AR9 schematic; http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?showtopic=3797
  10. Roy and Bret, I can agree with all your comments because I was lucky enough to be there ;-). It was an excellent time together.
  11. The attached UPDATE of the 3-crossover diagram has been amended to show the original 6uF capacitor in the ( C ) Crossover. I have confirmed with Klaus that I inadvertantly left the 10uF while "cut & pasting" the Crossover circuits. Sorry. AR6-3 Xovers update Nov2012.pdf
  12. There is an earlier discsussion on the AR-6 in Mar 2007. The link has the last comments at the top of the page. http://www.classicsp...tur,#entry62161
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